Some Quick Hits from Today- 3/13

  • The Yanks had 2 split-squad games today. One defeated the Orioles, which Jason recapped here. The other squad was beaten by the Tigers 6-2. Johnny Damon got his revenge in his first ‘game’ against the Yanks with a solo home run off of Sergio Mitre. The game was started by Chad Gaudin, who looked shaky again, going 3 innings and allowing 5 hits and 3 earned. Mitre didn’t impress either, going 4 innings, allowing 5 hits and 3 earned, including that home run to Damon. Boone Logan pitched one perfect inning.
  • Joe Girardi cut nine players from any hopes at playing for the MLB team to start the season today, and were sent home to minor league camp. Those nine players include Kei Igawa, Wilkins Arias, Jeremy Bleich, Andrew Brackman, Christian Garcia, Wilkin De La Rosa, D.J. Mitchell and Kevin Whelan and catcher Kyle Higashioka.
  • Girardi, who spoke with the YES Network crew during their in-game chat on the Yankee outfield situation, and said that he is in no rush to decide where Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner will begin the season; one would be in left field and one in center. He said that he also expects to switch them around about during the regular season. Granderson started the game in left today, Gardner in center, and both looked at ease.  He also made it seemingly doubtful that Jamie Hoffmann would make the MLB roster, as he spoke of how he’s big and fast, but he also spoke of his past against lefties, not the present.
  • Girardi also said it’s still up in the air on who his fifth starter will be, and confirmed that he would like to make that decision before March 25.

Thoughts: I find it surprising that Joe sent Igawa back to minor league camp already, because although his spring numbers certainly aren’t stellar (2.2 inn, 4 hits, 5 ER), I thought he would want Igawa to work with the Yankees staff as long as possible to try to make as much improvement as he could before the season started. I’m also glad that Joe is in no rush to decide where he’ll start Gardner and Granderson, and I think it’ll be interesting to see them switching around a bit during the year.

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3 Responses to Some Quick Hits from Today- 3/13

  1. Dan, Igawa's inclusion in the nine sent down is another confirmation that he has no place on this team. I am pretty confident the Yankees are, like me, counting down until the end of his contract, when they can apply the money they save from that wasted deal on, hopefully, Carl Crawford next off-season.

  2. I think it's interesting that Girardi said Granderson and Gardner would switch during the season because he's previously said that he didn't want them going back and forth during the year.

  3. Dan Reiner says:

    Jason, I completely agree that it means that he has no place on the team, I've said that ever since his first few appearances as a Yankee in '07, even though everyone still thought he still had a shot (for some reason).

    And Rob, I thought that was interesting too, but he didn't clarify whether or not it'll be a lot or once every now and again, so we'll have to see how it plays out. I'm guessing he'll be switching them around more during spring just so he can test it.

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