Strawberry Says the '86 Mets Would Beat the '09 Yankees

In an article in the Bergin Record, columnist Bob Klapisch asked former Yankee Darryl Strawberry who he thought would win in a series, the ’86 Mets or the ’09 Yankees. Here is a small part of the article:

1986 Mets vs. 2009 Yankees? “Doc would’ve destroyed them. We would’ve beaten them. They’re a great team, but we wouldn’t have been intimidated. We could hit, we could pitch and we could definitely fight.”

Strawberry meant no disrespect toward the Bombers, to whom he owes the second half of his career. And to be technical about it, Darryl knows the ’86 Gooden wasn’t nearly as overpowering as the ’85 edition, which skews his prediction. But it’s all part of a harmless journey into the past. All you have to do is ask him.

If you know anything about the ’86 Mets than you would know that there is no other possible answer but one of extreme confidence that the ’86 team could conquer all. The not only winners, but they were extremely confident and cocky to the point where it would anger teams would would then make it their business to knock them off. Which made them winning the ’86 World Series even more impressive.

But could they really beat the 2009 Yankees? Maybe, but like Klapisch said Gooden in ’86 was not at his peak and the ’09 version of CC Sabathia was. 25-year-old Ron Darling and 23-year-old Sid Fernandez were already elite pitchers and veteran Bobby Ojeda was at the top of his game. So even as good as the 2009 Yankees pitching staff was, the ’86 Mets had a deeper rotation. The Yankees might have had the edge in the bullpen though, but relievers Roger McDowell and Jesse Orosco did have potential to be pretty strong match-ups.

The equalizer, and spot which could have put the Yankees over the top, would have been the lineups. The Yankees were strong 1-9 and had a strong bench. Meanwhile the Mets had weak a weak link in their lineup at shortstop thanks to Rafael Santana and his putrid .539 OPS. Althought to write off the Mets lineup, and bench for that matter, would be foolish.

So could the 2009 Yankees beat the 1986 Mets? It’s nearly impossible to say. The only thing I would say, is that I like the 2010 Yankees chances better than the 1987 Mets.

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19 Responses to Strawberry Says the '86 Mets Would Beat the '09 Yankees

  1. Lefty says:

    Darryl said they could hit, pitch & fight…forgot to mention whether or not they could smoke.

  2. Who needs to smoke when you can keep baseball sized wads of tobacco in your mouth.

  3. Uncle Mike says:

    I see Darryl's back on drugs, because you'd have to be on drugs to think that the '86 Mets could beat the 2009, or 1998, or 1978, or 1961, or any championship Yankee team. Those Mets were damn lucky just to get past Houston in the NLCS, and needed the collapse of all time to survive the Red Sox… and they'd be facing Mariano Rivera, not Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley, with Mark Teixeira instead of Bill Buckner at first base.

  4. Terry Twentyeight says:

    When did Doc have a relapse?

  5. Well Daryl seems that you should return to rehab because you definately are on something. The 86 Mets come on you crackhead are you serious?

  6. Righty says:

    While the 86 Mets and 09 Yankees would be a great match up you can't compare are team with no soul with a 200 million dollar payroll to a team that won the Yankees city away from them for a brief period.

    • Tom says:

      You should try watching baseball instead of just spewing hate that not only doesn't make sense, but you clearly don't understand.

    • Mike S. says:

      Considering how many of the 1986 Mets acted OFF the field, I would say that THEY are the ones who lost their souls…(or had none)

  7. Jay says:

    The yankees would've swept them.
    Any yankees team beats a mets team any time period
    Daryl what are you talking about???

  8. Jay says:

    Met fans stop talking about payroll when the mets and Knicks finish at the top of there leagues in payroll for last place teams.
    Mets payroll 140 Million for last place
    Knicks payroll 98 Million for second to last place.
    You have to spend wisely and build around core players to win.
    Mets magement and players are second tier and second class and will never rule NY
    like the yankees do. NY Giants are the only other classier wise organization in NYC.
    With the Jets a distance but close third.
    Mets, Knicks, Rangers and Nets all stink

  9. butch says:

    aint they too old to play these young guys?…..

  10. Dan says:

    The '86 Mets were the greatest team in the history of professional sports and would have waxed the '09 Yankees. Thsi is not opinion, this is fact. Look it up.

    • Mike S. says:

      Greatest team in the history of professional sports? A good team, yes. Fortunate to get past Houston and Boston, definitely. Greatest team in the HISTORY of professional sports? Please.

  11. drew says:

    I don't think the 1986 Mets had one player with 30+ HR's. How would they compete with the '09 Yanks offensively? I can't see Hernandez, Strawberry and Carter providing enough run production to compete with A-Rod, Jeter, Texeira…not to mention Cano, Swisher, Posada and Damon.

  12. ock says:

    strawberry would not be talking the 86 Mets vs 09 yankees, if it wasnt for buckner.. Your Mets got lucky.. so fall back and enjoy that ring u got with the mets if haven't pawn it already..

    • The Mets were clearly better than the 86 Red Sox. Most people don't realize that Buckner's error wasn't even the worst one during the series. Tim Teufel made a play that could have cost the Mets big time and they were able to overcome. Buckner's one play doesn't account for the other 3 losses.

  13. Keith says:

    Com on, the mets were a great team, but remember thats Big Tex at first and not some old legged Buckner, Game over WORLD SERIES over YANKEEEEEES WIN YANKEEES WIN!!!!!

  14. Mikey Mike on da Mic says:

    Strawberry is so right, '86 Mets would've CRUSHED the Spankees of last year!!!

  15. Lorraine Smith says:

    They didn't even win their own pennant in 2009, how could they have beaten the Yankees?!?

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