Yankees in Lead for Adeinis Hechavarria

According to Daniel Popko of NESN.com, the Yankees are the front-runners to sign Cuban-defector Adeinis Hechavarria. Popko writes that the Yankees are seeking to match the Red Sox addition of fellow Cuban Jose Iglesias. Hechavarria, who has drawn comparisons to Alfonso Soriano, is not a lock to end up in pinstripes, but the organization has spent a lot of time scouting the infielder and they may be willing to pay top dollar.

This does not seem that different from what we’ve already read on the Yankees and Hechavarria, but it is worth nothing that they are continuing to scout the young infielder. Interestingly, Popko suggests that Hechavarria could take over for Roinbson Cano. Perhaps he should take another look at Robbie’s contract. Regardless, let’s hope Hechavarria can bring this type of passion to the Yankees.

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