Yankees Trade Rumors: Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre

The offseason is over and the Yankees roster is pretty much set, but since they signed relief pitcher Chan Ho Park there has been a glut of relievers and something has got to give. Whether it be an injury or two that solves the logjam or even a trade – that has yet to be seen.

Two of the pitchers that are seemingly on the bubble though are Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin. They’re two pitchers who fill the same role, long relief/emergency starter, and because the Yankees rotation and bullpen project to be so strong this season their long reliever is not likely to get a ton of playing time, let alone enough playing time for two.

So there has been a general perception that it won’t be long until one of them is traded. Which one is hard to say though because while Gaudin certainly seems better, he also makes a lot more money compared to Mitre (Gaudin makes $2.95 million vs. Mitre’s $0.85 million). I should point out though, that just because the perception is that one of them will get traded, doesn’t mean that one of them will get traded. As the old saying goes, you can never have enough pitching and an injury could straighten this entire situation out.

So far it doesn’t seem like Yankees general manager Brian Cashman doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to move either arm. According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the plan is to wait until late spring. Cashman also told Curry that nobody has called about either pitcher yet.

It makes sense that Cashman would want to wait to deal either pitcher for two reasons. The first is because of injuries. Just because their is extra pitching now doesn’t mean it’ll be the same way a month from now. Last season the Yankees had too many outfielders, held on to everyone and then Xavier Nady got hurt and it turned out to be very good that they held on to both.

The second reason Cashman should be waiting to deal a pitcher is because of the situation they have with Rule 5 draftee Jamie Hoffmann. As a Rule 5 pick, if he doesn’t make the team out of spring training and stay on the 25-man roster the entire season, the Yankees have to offer him back to the Dodgers. There is another scenario though and it involves working out a deal with the Dodgers and since they already seem light on pitching the two teams could work out a deal where they offer one of the pitchers to them in exchange for the rights to Hoffmann.

That doesn’t have to be the way it goes down, but that it one possible scenario. We’ll see how it plays out and keep all you readers updated.

If the Yankees dealt one of them, which one would you like to see kept? Why?

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5 Responses to Yankees Trade Rumors: Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre

  1. stevefromct says:

    It's easy…Trade Mitre for the full rights to Hoffman.

    Hoffman will be needed because Nick Johnson is certain to go down with a season-ending injury by end of this week. 😉

  2. I hope it's that easy. I would say that Winn or Thames would be would be a better fit to replace Johnson, but somebody would need to replace them in turn so I think you're right.

    • stevefromct says:

      I think keeping Gaudin is a better option than keeping Mitre…even though it's a mere $2 million difference.

      • Lefty says:

        Must agree, Gaudin appears to be the better fit for the Yanks. Wonder though, does Mitre have more value than just obtaining rights to an outfielder who hadn't made it elsewhere at this age? Or, is Hoffman better than what's been portrayed? Mitre's low salary and abilities make him attractive, and might help the Yanks with a trade package in some different direction, especially if he has more good outings.

        • stevefromct says:

          Possibly…I agree with you regarding Hoffman. We hear good things about this guy, but why hasn't he made an impact at major league level thus far ??…and maybe Mitre can be packaged in another deal later in the season….Plus, we have six guys in the OF depth chart, not included in the 25 man roster. Those guys are: Hoffman, Golson, Weber, Winfree, Curtis and Gorecki. Does Hoffman offer more than any of those other guys ??

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