Barry Bonds Rears His Massive Head

One of the nice things about this baseball season is that the steroids subject has been a relatively unimportant issue. The system that the MLB has in place may not be stringent enough but it gets the job done. Congress finally decided that healthcare and the economy are more important than steroid use in baseball. All the old-guard of the media have not yet started their yearly gripe about how no cheaters will be allowed into Cooperstown because they sullied the game of baseball (*cough cough* greenies, scuffed balls, racism, Ty Cobb). Alex Rodriguez has been overshadowed by Tiger Woods and for the time being is not the media lightning rod that he was last season. The Yankees are above the Red Sox in the standings and all is right with the world of baseball. So as I was perusing the web on what is a fairly slow news day for the Yankees I came across this headline on; “Bonds ‘proud’ of McGwire for admitting PED use”. The first thing that crossed my mind was that Barry Bonds, one of the best players in the history of the game, had finally gone off the deep end. Look at what he said about McGwire:

I have a really good friendship with Mark McGwire. I’m proud of him,” the 45-year-old Bonds, back in the Bay Area for a reunion at AT&T Park of the Giants’ 2000 NL West champion team, said when asked what he thought of McGwire’s January admission. “We’ve had a great relationship throughout our entire lives and throughout our career. I’m proud of what he did. I’m happy for him.

What would you think if Roger Clemens came out and said that he was proud of Alex Rodriguez for admitting that he used steroids? What would people think of that? What would you as Yankee fans think about that? Personally I would be horrified because it would be bringing back the A-rod scandals from last season. So why would Bonds say these things and why now? Think about this; Bonds came out of his relative seclusion from the public eye to discuss retirement, the possibility of coaching, and what he was doing with his life and he decides to drop a bomb on the press by saying he was proud of Mark for coming clean. I was unaware that he and McGwire spoke on a regular basis or have a “great relationship.” The fact that McGwire had to be told by the media about Bonds’ comments which came months after McGwire’s initial confession speaks to the fact that Bonds was talking out of his behind.

But, beyond the slew of questions that I have, one keeps reverberating in my head; WHY DON’T YOU COME CLEAN?! Barry and Balco are synonymous with PED use in baseball. You are proud that McGwire admitted his use so the question is why don’t you admit you used too? Oh yeah, I forgot, you didn’t. Right. I thought baseball had turned at the very least a small corner and was starting to move in the right direction, away from the steroid problem. But Barry Bonds is not going to go gently into that good night. Every now and then when he pops up from relative obscurity and throws out a quote, the steroid era will have some life breathed into it by the most famous of its stars. Just another reason why I dislike Barry Bonds.

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