Christian Garcia Gets Tommy John

According to Josh Norris, Yankees prospect right handed pitcher Christian Garcia has undergone Tommy John sugery for the second time in the past four years.

Garcia is actually one of the most talented pitchers the Yankees have in the minor leagues. He’s even been compared to Phil Hughes favorably. The probably is that he has suffered multiple injuries over the past couple of years in addition to the pair of Tommy John surgeries. His last full season was 2005. He missed parts of the 2006 season, all of 2007, large chunks of 2008, and most of 2009.

At a certain point you have to wonder when he’s just going to retire and stop rehabbing.

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One Response to Christian Garcia Gets Tommy John

  1. Jeffrey says:

    These guys never stop. A mediocre major league pitcher makes millions. A guy who walks away from the minor leagues will be waiting on tables.

    What will it take for a player to admit that his upside is serving a good three course meal? I think his arm will have to physically fall on the floor…

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