David Wells Rips into A-Rod Over Braden Incident

I’m going to keep this short because I’m with Alex Rodriguez, this is really just a funny incident and it’s really not a big deal. A-Rod is a huge superstar who was probably just trying to get in the head of a young pitcher who was beating the Yankees that day.  He very clearly got into his head, but unfortunately it was not enough to win the game. I thought Dallas Braden had the right to be upset, but he clearly went overboard.

Anyways, David Wells ripped into A-Rod a bit over the incident. Not so much that he did it, but that he denied that he knew not to do it.

Here are the Wells quotes via the NY Post:

“A-Rod is full of [bleep], that he never heard of that,” Wells told The Post from San Diego yesterday. “He has been around the game long enough to know that.”

“I hated it when runners did that. I yelled at plenty of them,” Wells said. “It’s one thing to cross in the front of the mound before it goes up, but on top of it, that’s wrong. The cleats [mess] up the mound. Pitchers don’t go in front of fielders and put their spikes in the dirt.

“I totally agree [with Braden] ‘Get off my mound.’ I would have done the same thing with A-Rod, or anybody else. [Bleep] it.”

For the record, both Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia came to the defense of A-Rod:

“It ain’t like he bought it from home,” said Jeter. “To be honest, not too many people are worried about what he said. I am not going to sit around and think about what he is saying.”

“I don’t know, I guess he is a tough guy,” Sabathia said about Braden after he said he wasn’t aware of the unwritten rule himself.

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4 Responses to David Wells Rips into A-Rod Over Braden Incident

  1. spark says:

    Sometimes the entire infield will come to the mound when the manager comes out to talk to the pitcher. There will sometimes be 4 or 5 guys on the mound with the pitcher. I've never seen a pitcher take offense to that.

  2. "“I hated it when runners did that. I yelled at plenty of them,” Wells said.

    Oh really, David? Name one. You should be able to give us at least one name, since you "yelled at plenty of them," right?

    I'm sorry, I have a real hard time believing this has been such a big issue in the past, when I've never heard it brought up once – ever – until A-Rod did it.

  3. Brian says:

    I could completely understand if A-Rod literally ran through the pitchers landing spot on the mound, or over the actual mound itself, but this who thing was ridiculous and everyone has overreacted. As far as Wells is concerned, how would he have known if anyone ran across the mound. He was drunk half the times he pitched anyway.

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