Game 21: Ladies and Gentleman.. The Robinson Cano Show

The show was hot, hot, hot tonight, leading the Yankees to a 4-0 victory over the Orioles, to win yet another series.

Derek Jeter led off the game with a single, and Mark Teixeira moved him to third with a double. Alex Rodriguez hit a sac fly. Moving right along to the bottom of the third, Robinson Cano (otherwise know as “The Show”), made an incredible play when Nolan Reimold grounded a ball up the middle, of which Robby had to range very far to his right. Cano picked the ball, and threw across his body from the shortstop side to get the out. That adrenaline must have carried over to the fourth, when Cano crushed a ball to right for a home run. Marcus Thames got the start at DH against the lefty Brian Matusz, and he drove in Cano on a double to left after Cano had doubled to right the at bat before. Going to the top of the eighth, Cano drilled another that barely made it over the wall in right. Let’s not forget AJ Burnett this game, who threw possibly his best game as a Yankee, going 8 innings, and throwing only 116 pitches (what he usually throws through 5-6 innings). Mariano Rivera saw action for the first time since Oakland, throwing a scoreless (and save-less) ninth.

Final Score: Yankees 4, Orioles 0.

Game MVP: Robinson Cano


  • Cano: 3-4, 2 HR  2 RBI  3 R (Leads MLB with a .407 batting average, leading all batters by a mere .048 pts. Also, 2nd in AL in HR)
  • Cano: 5/8 home runs have come against lefties
  • Jeter: 2-5, R
  • Thames: 3-3, RBI  BB
  • Burnett: 8 IP  3 H 0 R  4 K  1 BB (W) (3-0 for first time in career, 10-2 all-time vs. Baltimore)

Yankees Record: 14-7 (9-6 away)

Around the AL East:

– Tampa Bay: 11, Kansas City: 1

– Toronto: 6, Oakland: 3

-Boston: off

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One Response to Game 21: Ladies and Gentleman.. The Robinson Cano Show

  1. Mike S. says:

    Yes, I see the previous post about Cervelli. I am thrilled about the catching prospects the Yanks have, but I'll say this. The more I see Cervelli, the more impressed I get.

    April 10. Cervelli starts. The CC near no-no. 10-0 Yankees win. A 2-hitter.

    Next start April 16. CC again. Rain shortened six-inning game. 1 R, 3 H.

    April 22 in Oakland. CC again. The loss. CC had that 1st inning. 2 walks and the HR. 4-2 loss. Only 4 hits given up.

    April 24. Angels. Pettitte superb. 7-1 win. Andy 8 IP, 1 R.

    Next day. 25th. The only bad one of the bunch, and it was Vazquez. 8-4 loss.

    He came in for Posada yesterday. The 8-3 win behind CC.

    He started tonight. A combined shutout. AJ and Mo.

    It's early and there will be clunkers. But so far, his handling of the staff has been fabulous. Look at those games again. Two shutouts. Two games with only 1 run allowed. Granted 3 are CC, but 1 Andy. 1 AJ.

    Impressive. I am really loving the way he is handling the staff.

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