Game #5 – Yankees at Rays – Scorecard

The New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays by a score of 10-0 this afternoon.  You can read the full game recap here.

Continuing something I started on opening night, here’s the scorecard from today’s game against the Rays.  I’ve made a couple of small changes since my first go around, but nothing too major.  A solid black line at the top of a cell designates that a pitching change has been made.  I’ve also included a small key in the bottom left of each page for a couple abbreviations I’ve used.

Game #5 - Yankees Lineup

Game #5 - Rays LineupRough game for the Rays today; it took more effort to keep track of their pitchers than to do the markings for their batters.

If anyone is interested in getting their hands on the Microsoft Word templates that I use then shoot me an email ( [email protected] ).  Other comments/suggestions can be directed to the comments section below.

In other non-scorecard related news, I’ve started that whole “twitter” thing.  EricCommuniello if you’d like to follow me.

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