Game 6: Yankees Improve to 2 for 2 in Rubber Games, Top Rays 7-3

Game six did not have the same feel early as game five which had CC Sabathia going in the 8th inning with a no-hitter. This time the Rays got on the board rather quickly as they scored two runs in the first inning. The Yankees responded in the top of the second with a run of their own after a Curtis Granderson double. After his shaky first A.J. Burnett was nearly untouchable, but after five innings the score was still 2-1 Tampa.

Then came the top of the 6th, James Shields had just been taken out after Robinson Cano reached on a double and ex-Yankee Randy Choate was put in to face Jorge Posada. Jorge went on to smack a Choate pitch to DEEP left to give the Yankees their first lead at 3-2. Granderson scored later in the inning to put the Yanks up 4-2. The Yankees added three more insurance runs after an Alex Rodriguez two run double in the seventh and a Nick Swisher solo shot in the eight.

Joe pulled Burnett after the seventh and in came Joba Chamberlain in the eight. The season is underway and decisions have already been made, but what happened today is why I felt the whole time Joba should still be a starter. Chamberlain gave up only one run in the eight but two hits and a walk. As a starter a pitcher can get away with allowing one run in an inning (AJ allowed two in the first then preceded to shutout the Rays the next six innings), but a set up man can blow the whole game just by giving up one run. Many starters have had great careers with flaws in control and consistency, but how many relievers can say the same? I am not saying Phil Hughes should be in the bullpen, but I definitely don’t see where Joba is the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera as Mike Franseca always says. Speaking of Mariano he came into the 9th to end the game and give the Yankees another rubber game win.

P.S.: I REALLY liked the Rays third jerseys. Just Sayin’.

ALSO: For those of you who saw the game what did you think about the Burrell/Teixeira “incident”?

Final: Yankees 7 Rays 3

Game MVP: AJ Burnett


  • A-Rod/Granderson: both 2/4 with 3 RBI total
  • Posada: 1/3 HR 2 RBI
  • Base Runners are 7/7 on Posada in 5 games (including Crawford stealing on a pitchout today)
  • Crawford: 2/4 2 RBI SB
  • Burnett: 7 IP 6 hits 2 ER 3 BB 1 K
  • Shields: 5.1 IP 4 hits 2 ER 3 BB 5 K
  • W: A.J. Burnett L: Randy Choate
  • Tuesday is the Home Opener where the Yankees will get their 27th WS rings and Matsui returns!

Around the AL East:

Toronto 5  Baltimore 2

Boston 8 Kansas City 6

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4 Responses to Game 6: Yankees Improve to 2 for 2 in Rubber Games, Top Rays 7-3

  1. Eric Communiello says:

    The Yanks play on Tuesday, not tomorrow Stephen.

  2. Steve P says:

    The Burrell/Teixiera Incident – I think Burrell is going to get a fastball square in the back the next time the Yankees play the Rays. There was absolutely no need for him to come in spikes up. It's not like he was driving into 2nd hard trying to break up the traditional DP. All he needed to do was get to the bag, not stop Tex from pulling off a relay throw. The only thing that could have come from that is a hurt Tex. It's a good thing that he's such a good athlete and could leap out of the way and maintain his balance like that.

  3. You liked those jerseys? I don't know, I wasn't a fan.

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