Johnson Not Expected to Play Today

According to Chad Jennings of the Journal News, Yankees designated hitter Nick Johnson has a stiff back and isn’t expected to play today, but after an off-day on Monday should be back in the lineup Tuesday.

Johnson, who has been struggling, to hit, was taking extra batting practice Friday and as a result has a stiff back that caused him to miss yesterday’s game. It is a minor injury and initially they thought he could play today, but by the end of the day yesterday Girardi said that it hadn’t improve as quick as they hoped it would and decided he’s going to get an extra day of rest. Like I said above, he’s expected to be back in the lineup Tuesday.

This doesn’t seem like anything serious at all, but the fact that it is Nick Johnson and that it’s already taken longer than they thought it would means it might linger. The Yankees are saying Tuesday so he should be out there, but don’t be surprised if he misses an additional game or two.

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3 Responses to Johnson Not Expected to Play Today

  1. nyyank55 says:

    When all you do is stand at the plate and either walk or strike out, it's no wonder why he would have a sore back after taking extra batting practice. He's using muscles he hasn't used so far this season.
    Sorry if I'm being too hard on Nick, but I have never been a fan of his and still can't get over the fact that the Yankees would let Matsui walk and think they could replace him with Johnson. BIG, BIG MISTAKE.

  2. theboogiedown says:

    Well I guess that puts an end to "mistake #2 from your post yesterday Rob. The skipper knew the hummingbird was fragile and didn't use him as a result.
    re:nyyank55's comment. In a way I have to agree, although Matsui has proven already this year that he struggles to get around the bags-he too is very fragile and quite possibly one tweak of the knee away from a 4-6+ week stretch on the DL. I'm gonna give the NYY the benefit of the doubt on that one and not fault them for wanting to go younger.NJ is only hitting .135 ug! But… with nearly 20 more AB's, Matsui has been less productive in run scoring than the hummingbird.

    • nyyank55 says:

      Both Johnson and Matsui got 1 year deals, so the "getting younger" theory doesn't hold water. The Yankees weren't thinking long term. So who would you want in your line up if it was only for a year? Who would you want at the plate if you're down a run or two? Who would you want to come off the bench? I'm sure the answer is not the "hummingbird". Case closed.

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