Phil Hughes Tossed 7 No-Hit Innings

Phil Hughes took a no-hitter into the eighth inning against the Oakland Athletics Wednesday night, but his no-hit bid was spoiled by the A’s leadoff hitter Eric Chavez who reached on an infield single. Hughes struck out the next batter for his career high 10th strikeout of the game.

The infield single that broke up the pitching gem was a weak comebacker that ricocheted off of Hughes who then lost track of the ball as Chavez reached safely.

This isn’t the first time Hughes flirted with a no-no in his career. Back on May 1, 2007 against the Texas Rangers Hughes didn’t allow a hit through 6.1 innings before leaving the game after he felt a pop in his hamstring. At the time that was just the second career start of his career.

In the end he didn’t get it done either time, but he did pitch one hell of a game against the Athletics. Aside from CC Sabathia, Hughes has been my favorite pitcher to watch since they missed the 2008 playoffs, and he has not disappointed this season.

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9 Responses to Phil Hughes Tossed 7 No-Hit Innings

  1. nyyank55 says:

    Weak comebacker? Maybe you should actually watch the game before blogging about it.

  2. Wow. I watched every minute of the game. I called it a weak comebacker based on the fact that it probably wouldn't have made it out of the outfield. Maybe I used a poor choice of words, but I thought it was weak enough that he should have had it, no it wasn't an error, but it wasn't smoked either.

  3. Jason from The Heart says:

    What disappointed me about the end of the no-hit bid was that, until the 8th, Hughes was working very efficiently. I think he only threw 87 pitches through 7, making me believe that, had he not allowed a hit, Girardi would have left him in, unlike his saying that he would have pulled C.C. because of the pitch count. But one heck of a job by Hughes, who has been sterling thus far this year. What a luxury to have had his high quality starts at the back end of the rotation, leading right to The Big Guy.

    I'm also thinking that, with Mariano having throwing on two cool nights in a row, and having throwing 26 pitches last night, he won't be available today.

  4. theboogiedown says:

    Does anybody have any thoughts on why he was only pretty good last year, but didn't often look nearly as good as his first 2 starts this year? Something nagging? Last year was not what the Yanks were expecting from him I don't think…quite the opposite so far this time around. Yankee wisdom and patients revealing itself again?

    • Well Hughes wasn't very good in his early starts, but he was phenomenal during most of his time as a reliever. It's just a confidence thing. That's why you have to have a lot of patience with young starters. A lot of them have the ability, it just takes some time to work on your confidence level and learning to make small adjustments throughout the games.

    • Mike S. says:

      How about the fact that he hasn't turned 24 yet? Let's remember that Hughes is still YOUNG. The maturation process is still going on.

    • smurfy says:

      I think I saw a difference in his motion. On fastballs, he seemed to muscling it with his right shoulder last year. Last night, his fastball had much more rising pizazz.

  5. swedski says:

    These are the times (mentioned by Jason) that >Robertson has to step up Joba two good days in a row. Mariano two saves in a row. Robertssons time to shine

    • Eric Communiello says:

      I'm a big D-Rob fan, so I hope Girardi shows some faith and goes to Robertson if the Yankees have a lead in the ninth tonight.

      I do, however, feel that he might go with Marte over Robertson if the situation arises. It just seems, at least to me, that Joe really feels comfortable with Marte.

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