Stats: The 'Cisco Kid is Filling in Wonderfully

If you haven’t heard the news, Jorge Posada was hit in the knee with a pitch yesterday and is unlikely to play today. Since it was his knee and he is a catcher it is possible that he might not even play for the next couple of days. That’s not as big of a deal as it used to be thanks to Francisco Cervelli.

After a couple of cups of coffee in 2008 and 2009, Cervelli won the Yankees backup catcher job out of spring training with virtually no competition. So far this season he’s only filled in during a handful of games, but he has done so admirably.

Here are some of his numbers: 6 games, 18 at bats, 8 hits, 6 RBI’s, .444 batting average, .524 OBP, 1.024 OPS, and a 185 OPS+. Note the sample size though, it is early, but what a wonderful addition he has been so far.

Those numbers are sure to drop as the season goes on and his sample size evens out. Still, he’s now had 117 major league at bats and if he can keep up his 90 OPS+ while continuing to provide stellar defense the Yankees have got themselves quite a backup.

In fact, Cervelli might be better than most teams starting catchers. No he’s not an elite catcher and for right now Posada is in no danger of losing his job, but look around the league. The Mets would love to have Cervelli starting games for them and would probably take him on a multi-year deal even.

How great is it to have a truly talented backup catcher? I’m loving it.

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3 Responses to Stats: The 'Cisco Kid is Filling in Wonderfully

  1. Eric Communiello says:

    I've been a big fan of Cervelli since his first time up with the club and after his play last season when Posada and Molina went down I was curious how he would do if given a starting job on another team. I'd love to see Cervelli take over the reigns after Posada, but there's no way that's going to happen with Montero and Romine climbing the ladder.

    If he does leave to play everyday somewhere else, could it please be anyone but the Mets? I'd hate to have to see him in that uniform.

  2. smurfy says:

    His physical defense is terrific: did you see the snag of the bouncing slider right of his right knee? Sweet play, and his throwing has been excellent, as his rapport with the pitchers has.

    Only one niggle, and I may be all wet: he framed his target for AJ at extremes, like low and away and low and inside, and AJ, whose fastball command was good, threw low strikes down the middle. I'm wondering if AJ wouldn't do better with a trustable target.

  3. I think Cervelli does that, and I think most catchers around baseball, do that to impress upon the pitcher that it is better to miss low rather than leave the ball up. I've never heard a pitcher once complain that a target is too low, but they always complain when it's the other way around.

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