Video of Mark Teixeira's Collision with Rangers Bobby Wilson

If you missed the game, or our post about it, here’s what happened, in the top 3rd inning of Friday night’s loss to the Angels, Mark Teixeira at second, Robinson Cano singled to right, Tex came around and there was a collision at the plate with Texas catcher Bobby Wilson. The consequence was a concussion and an injured ankle.

(Click here to view this video).

I slowed it down and watched it closely, here is my analysis: Wilson was stationed behind the plate and at this point is in no way blocking the plate. The throw was kind of weak and bounced twice before it got to Wilson. After the first bounce Wilson starts to turn toward Teixeira to tag him, but by the second bounce Wilson starts to block the plate and the ball bounces away from Wilson. Before it is clear that Wilson is not going to make the play Wilson is in front of the plate and Teixeira starts going for the hit. Wilson then misses the play and is left open because he is reaching for it and by this time Teixeira has committed and takes him out.

I don’t think Teixeira meant anything wrong at all. If Wilson had been able to catch the ball he wouldn’t have been as open for a big hit. By the time Teixeira realized he wasn’t going to make the play it was too late.

What do you think now that you’ve gotten another chance to see the play?

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5 Responses to Video of Mark Teixeira's Collision with Rangers Bobby Wilson

  1. Jason from The Heart says:

    You're exactly right, Rob. The collision was a product of an off throw and Wilson's trying in vain to field it, basically being turned into a violent collision. Teixeira couldn't be sure that Wilson didn't have the ball until it was too late–if at all. It's a tough position for both players to have been in, and also a good thing Teixeira didn't get hurt as a result.

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    I feel bad that Wilson got hurt, but it was a straight-up play with no malice on Teixeira's part. Teixeira is a big boy and if he hits you hard it's gonna hurt. The only thing I feel is that Mark was a little cavalier when he walked back after the play to step on home plate, with Wilson rolling on the ground clearly in pain. Mark didn't do anything wrong, but it would have been a little classier for him to lean over and say, "hey man, I hope you're OK, didn't mean to hurt you."

  3. If Teixeira slid he would have been safe though. It was probably hard to tell from his perspective though.

  4. smurfy says:

    I think thaqt if there is a play, the runner should be required to slide, and the catcher prohibited from blocking. Only the ball or the mitt with the ball plus the covering second hand should be allowably interposed before the plate.

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