Winning Would Cure All for Vazquez

Ever since the Yankees reacquired Javier Vazquez fans have been cool to the once former Yankee. Quite a few have remarked how he isn’t a good enough pitcher and some think he brings less value than Melky Cabrera would have.

That was before the season. Since the season has started and Vazquez has had a bad couple of starts even more fans have jumped all over him. Instead of remembering the years of consistency Vazquez had thrown from 2005-2009 all anyone remembered was his last three starts in Yankee pinstripes going back to the Johnny Damon grandslam in 2004.

As unfair as it is to him to block-out all of his success fans will continue to do it until Vazquez turns it around. His last start wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. If he has another outing like that this afternoon the boo-birds will still be littered throughout Yankee stadium during his next start.

If only to make things easier for himself his next two starts are really important for Vazquez. If he can win today, and not just win, but go out and have a real strong performance, people will go to Yankee Stadium for his next start with an open mind.

That start is important too because those fans might have open minds, but if he goes out and lays an egg they’ll still be pretty quick to turn on him. There may be a few unrealistic fans that may never accept Vazquez until he has his own World Series ring, but with a pair of strong starts, more importantly a pair of wins, and Vazquez will hear a lot less from the birds in the rafters.

If Vazquez loses today though, fans are going to be going to the Bronx out to let him hear their dissatisfaction.

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3 Responses to Winning Would Cure All for Vazquez

  1. Dante says:

    I've just witness Vazquez piss away a 3-0 lead and get pulled with the Yanks now down 5-3.
    I think this guy is overmatched when it comes to Man-ning up to the moment and being a vital contributor to the World Champs. He's ok playing for the Expos (were perennial losers) or the Braves but he's not a winner.
    I also think he was cut plenty of slack around his '04 implosion because of the "alleged" sore shoulder. Nice fabricated story to ease the initial pressure on him coming back.
    But here we are and facts are facts. His 9.00 ERA says it all.
    He just flat out suck …dudes!!!

  2. nyyank55 says:

    Girardi does it again. Say hello to the real "clueless Joe". 3-0 count to Morales and he decides to pitch to him rather than walk him intentionally as he had previously thought to do only to change his mind. We are seeing again what was exposed during the playoffs and world series last year. He either over manages or can't make a decision. Aceves was on a roll and he decides to start playing match up. Go with what's working for a change. That is what this Joe lacks that the previous Joe had…gut instincts and the ability to read his players. This guy hasn't got 2 thoughts in his head to make 1 idea. That's the real reason he hasn't been extended yet. He's on a short leash only he doesn't know it yet.

  3. Mike S. says:

    I wonder if the people screaming for Melky realize that Melky is 8 for 56 (.143), hasn't attempted to steal yet, and that his OPS+ is 17 right now. For all I know, the feelings for Vazquez shown by some Yankees fans could be match by the people in Atlanta—only those Atlanta feelings would be towards the Melkman.

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