Wrapping Up Spring Training

As spring training comes to a close, everyone seems to be pushing out their projections/outlooks for this season.  I’m going to run through a couple that I found interesting and just point out some highlights.


The guys over at Fangraphs finished their Organizational Rankings and your New York Yankees came out on top.  They looked at current talent and future talent in ranking the teams one through thirty.  Current talent is pretty self explanatory.  Future talent was more a look at the young players that are already on the big league club, the young players that are progressing through the minors, and how the organization plans to use this youth in the future.

In regards to current talent, they finished up saying what all of us already know:

“Great hitting, improved fielding, improved starting pitching and a decent bullpen. $200 million helps a lot, but the Yankees have assembled a great team with that money.”

In looking at future talent, the big names prospects were obviously mentioned: Jesus Montero, Austin Romine, Slade Heathcott, J.R. Murphy and Gary Sanchez.  The tremendous depth at catcher was praised as “perhaps the best catching depth in baseball” and the number of quality arms capable of having an impact in the bullpen this season was also praised.

Everyone should go and read the whole article on why the Yankees are the number one organization in baseball.  Coming from an unbiased source like Dave Cameron, it’s a real treat to read.


Next up is Keith Law from ESPN.  It’s Insider only, so I’ll give everyone the full rundown.

First off, Law has the Yankees tieing with the Phillies for the most wins in baseball at 95.  The Yankees, Twins, Rangers and Red Sox (wild card) make the playoffs in the AL.  In the NL, it’s the Phillies, Cardinals, Rockies and Braves (wild card) that get to play extra baseball.

Side note: You’ll have projections from all of the authors here at BBD sometime soon, but just for kicks I have the same picks as Law except that I have the Angels and Mariners ahead of the Rangers in the west.

Law has the Yankees beating the Red Sox in the ALCS, while the Cardinals slay the incumbent Philadelphia Phillies.  If this were the actual World Series matchup, I’d be very thrilled.  Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball and needs to be put on center stage for everyone to see.  Unfortunately for him, Law picks the Yanks to repeat in 2010 (hooray!).


Now that everyone’s had a full serving of “Why the Yankees are so great”, let’s just get the season started and go 162-0.  A little too brash?  Fine, I’ll settle with an opening series sweep of the Sox in Fenway.

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  1. Lefty says:

    The batting stance guy is a rip. A couple of 'em made me laugh out loud..The moderator, when it's Bucky Dent's stance, still sounds quite tender from Bucky's homer against the Sox….It's about time they learned to live with it.

  2. He actually went on Leno's show at one point to show off his skills. Leno sucks though.

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