Yankees Claim Outfielder Chad Huffman

It’s likely that we are already seeing Kevin Towers influence on the Yankees as they have claimed former Padre outfielder Chad Huffman on waivers according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

Huffman, 24, is expected to start the season in Triple-A. He spent the entire 2009 season in Triple-A in the Padres organization last season. In 135 games there he hit 20 home runs while hitting .269/.361/.469/.830. He’s not particularly fast, he stole just 11 bases, caught 11 times, in 426 career minor league games. He’s also not generally regarded as a particularly strong defensive left fielder either.

He’s also a right handed hitter who doesn’t hit lefties particularly well, a .639 OPS against lefties in ’09 vs. a .903 OPS against righties in ’09. So while Huffman automatically becomes one of the Yankees better outfield prospects, although his ceiling is no where near Slade Heathcott’s, he probably won’t see much action in the Bronx. Expect him only to be called up in an emergency or late September. He’s pretty much minor league depth.

Bryan Hoch of MLB.com reported that he beat former Yankee Shelley Duncan in the Triple-A All-Star Home Run Derby.

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2 Responses to Yankees Claim Outfielder Chad Huffman

  1. Jeffrey says:

    You could look at this as a bad sign. I mean when the Yankees claim guys from the Padres it doesn't speak well of the organizational depth at outfielder, does it?

  2. I can't think of any scenario where getting a good player is a bad thing. Yes, their minor league outfield depth is/was very shallow, but this makes that better.

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