Dallad Braden Throws a Perfect Game on Mother's Day

Well well, I guess Dallas Braden showed everyone that it is HIS MOUND! Seriously though, that was a fantastic performance by Braden. Obviously you have to have a lot of respect for anyone who can throw a perfect game, especially against an offense as potent as the Rays. Not much you can really say about the 19th perfect game in history. There wasn’t anything like DeWayne Wise’s catch last year which saved Mark Buehrle’s perfect game. He just pitched really really well. In the post-game interview he seems like a nice guy, very complimentary of the opposition, a little cocky but hey he just threw a perfect game what do you want. Plus, you can be pretty sure that he was thinking about his mom who died while he was in high school. I don’t think there is a much better thing you can do than honor your mother by throwing a perfect game on Mother’s Day. So happy Mother’s Day all the moms out there, we are so very very blessed that you are in our lives.

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