Dallas Braden v. Arod: The End.

Fueled by the media, Dallas Braden’s perfect game, and Braden’s grandmother’s infamous “Stick it A-rod” comments this spat has grown out of control. It even has Darryl Strawberry coming out of the woodwork to chime in on the affair. Anytime someone asks Strawberry for a comment, you know the situation has gotten out of control. Not surprisingly another stellar jerk Curt Schilling chimed in on “The Herd” about the incident. I think I speak for everyone involvedwhen I say GIVE ME A BREAK!

Report on something else. This is one of the most idiotic, childish, and annoying “fights” that has ever occurred in all of sports. I have played rounds of mini-golf that have had more legitimate beefs than this one. The worst part about it is that Braden pitched the 19th perfect game in major league history and on the cover of many newspapers was “Stick It A-rod,” not “Perfect Game” or “UnbelAvable” or some other horrible pun that headline producers come up with. Since when did Braden’s perfect game have anything to do with Alex Rodriguez? Is Dallas Braden the Incredible Hulk of pitching and when Arod crossed the mound did it make him angry? ESPN, in one of the many articles about Braden and A-rod, intimated that Braden said he might fight Rodriguez the next time the two teams played. That would be in July.

During an interview with ESPN, Braden finally took the high road and said that he expected a well-played series when the two teams meet again. Rodriguez, after his initial comments which did not qualify as taking the high ground, said that he was happy for Braden and the he did a good job. So I am officially declaring this “spat” dead. If I hear one more anchor say Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez in the same sentence I will make Bobcat Goldthwait sound like Michael Cera.

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  1. Mike S. says:

    Well written. Agreed.

  2. Sharon says:

    Funny and well put.

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