Fools! Johnson Contemplating Surgery, Could Be Out 'Till August

I didn’t like it, you didn’t like it, but Brian Cashman liked it. When Cashman signed 32-year-old 1B/DH Nick Johnson to a 1-year, 5.5 million dollar deal over the off season, you could sense problems coming. Sure enough, Johnson headed to the DL May 8th due to an inflamed wrist, his tenth trip in his nine seasons.

Johnson was given a cortisone shot last week to his wrist, but it will not show results for a few weeks.

“It’s my intention to learn if [the shot] worked as soon as possible,” Cashman said Saturday. “If not, then we want to go right to the surgery. When healthy, we know what this guy can do, but he can’t do anything for us right now.”

What this guy has done this season is bat .167 with 2 home runs and 8 runs batted in and an on-base percentage of .388. Surgery to remove the inflamed tissue in his wrist would leave him out for four to six weeks on top of the month he’s already scheduled to miss. We’ll either see him mid-June with the wrist still bothering him or in August when the playoff race heats up.

Thoughts: I hated this deal from the moment I learned about the signing. I think every Yankee fan knew something would go wrong with Johnson this season. All this means is Marcus Thames and Randy Winn will most likely get more playing time until he comes back. But it also means a minor league player will probably remain on the roster as well. We’ve seen Juan Miranda be called up, but if he doesn’t hit, don’t rule out the possibility of seeing Jesus Montero in a Yankee uniform. Another possibility is Jermaine Dye, who is still jobless. Yes, he is a righty, but he can smash the ball, especially to the short porches at Yankee Stadium.

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12 Responses to Fools! Johnson Contemplating Surgery, Could Be Out 'Till August

  1. Mike S. says:

    I love Montero. One problem. The 20 year old Montero is struggling to hit .230 right now at SWB. More seasoning appears to be definitely necessary.

  2. Dan Reiner says:

    You're right, Mike. But who knows, if injury after injury keeps hitting the Yanks, maybe he'll be all that's left.

  3. Jayson Oviedo says:

    The Yankees have a bad habit of bringing their old trash back to the yard after having put it in the dumpster years ago. (see javy vasquez) There is nary a softer player in the game today than Nick Johnson..this guy is always hurt! This was a worthless addition and a wasted roster spot.

  4. JVJAZZ says:

    Johnson is a hapless soul that will never turn into anything. And, Vasquez should be traded to the Mets for Beltran. I just hope that they have not made another mistake with Granderson, a player with diminishing talents. Good going Cash as you really stunk up the place for 2010! Thank God for ther starting pitching. When is Arod going to hit homers?

  5. Mike S. says:

    Amazing how a team could be 24-13 and people still bitch and moan.

    • I know, right? As a Yankee fan, I wouldn't trade the Yankees problems for the problems ANY other team in the league has and that includes good ones like the Rays. The Yankees have problems, but they are minor and they are still in a good place.

    • jvjazz says:

      It's gotten nothing to do with bitching and moaning; when mistakes are made, they need to be rectified. Vazquez and Johnson are mistakes, and the Yanks give zero for loyalty. Question is: would you rather have Damon or Matsui and still have Austin Jackson, or would you rather have Johnson, Vazquez and Granderson. That's the issue. I am a loyal Yankee fan and am not moaning just being a realist.

      • I’d still rather have Johnson, Vazquez and Granderson. Vazquez won’t be this bad all season long, he’s still the best no. 5 pitcher in all of baseball. Matsui still very well could breakdown. Granderson is great.

        Nick Johnson’s injury is unfortunate, but at least it is now and not October. This offense can last a couple of weeks even a month or two without him and still be better than 28 other offenses in baseball.

        Plus, you are simplifying things too much. It’s not one or the other, there are a lot of grey areas involved. For instance, if the Yankees have Damon then Gardner is not playing everyday.

        Besides, you are moaning. If you were a realist you would understand all the things I just told you.

        • Mike S. says:

          I love Matsui. He also turns 36 soon, has bad knees and can’t play the field. He also is hitting .241 with an OPS+ of 97 right now.

          Damon is 36.

          You have to turn the page. You already have Andy who has been great but who will be 38 soon, Rivera 40, Posada 39 in August, Jeter 36 soon and Alex 35 soon.

          If Cashman would have kept Damon and Matsui, and everyone got old overnight, he would have gotten blasted. He can’t win.

          I’ve written many times about 1965. MANY TIMES. Injuries, age, a barren farm system and we know how long it took to bring the Yankees back. From Game 7 of the World Series in 1964 to sixth in 1965 to dead last in 1966.

  6. jvjazz says:

    Hey Guys,
    I understand your points and you are not dealing with reality regarding Johnson an Vasquez. Look at the stats – Johnson on the DL for 12 times in the last ten years; and Javi can't pitch in the AL. I get the age factor and that is a fair point. But for one year, I still rather have either Damon or Matsu instead of Johnson. As far as the youth factor, what about Jackson? Time will tell about Granderson. Deal with the facts, the Yanks don't keep their youth. That's reality not moaning. I love the Yanks and appreciate your comments.

    • You have to understand sample sizes. A baseball season is very long. It's at least twice as long as any other professional sport and I think most casual fans fail to realize that. Just writing off Johnson and Vazquez at this point despite the fact that they're actually two of the bigger names in baseball doesn't make any sense.

      With the Granderson trades, yes time will tell, but Jackson's best case scenario is what Grandy already is so there is no harm in the deal. Granderson himself is still young and have a very reasonable contract.

      Also, yes the Yankees do trade away a fair amount of their young talent, but they keep a lot of it too. Starting in 2005 they kept Cano, Wang, Cervelli, Hughes, Joba, D-Rob, Pena, and Gardner. You might say that not all of these names are big pieces, but they all play a role and all are somewhat productive. They also have quite a few pieces lined up to play roles in the big leagues.

      You are indeed just complaining because you are just attacking the Yankees for things that haven't even fully played themselves out yet. That's not reality. Reality is that Johnson could come back in August and play great. Vazquez could turn it around and provide depth in the rotation that most teams could only dream of. Granderson already homered in the 9th inning to beat the Red Sox. Why not be realistic about it instead of being so pessimistic?

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