Fools! Johnson Contemplating Surgery, Could Be Out 'Till August 12

I didn’t like it, you didn’t like it, but Brian Cashman liked it. When Cashman signed 32-year-old 1B/DH Nick Johnson to a 1-year, 5.5 million dollar deal over the off season, you could sense problems coming. Sure enough, Johnson headed to the DL May 8th due to an inflamed wrist, his tenth trip in his nine seasons.

Johnson was given a cortisone shot last week to his wrist, but it will not show results for a few weeks.

“It’s my intention to learn if [the shot] worked as soon as possible,” Cashman said Saturday. “If not, then we want to go right to the surgery. When healthy, we know what this guy can do, but he can’t do anything for us right now.”

What this guy has done this season is bat .167 with 2 home runs and 8 runs batted in and an on-base percentage of .388. Surgery to remove the inflamed tissue in his wrist would leave him out for four to six weeks on top of the month he’s already scheduled to miss. We’ll either see him mid-June with the wrist still bothering him or in August when the playoff race heats up.

Thoughts: I hated this deal from the moment I learned about the signing. I think every Yankee fan knew something would go wrong with Johnson this season. All this means is Marcus Thames and Randy Winn will most likely get more playing time until he comes back. But it also means a minor league player will probably remain on the roster as well. We’ve seen Juan Miranda be called up, but if he doesn’t hit, don’t rule out the possibility of seeing Jesus Montero in a Yankee uniform. Another possibility is Jermaine Dye, who is still jobless. Yes, he is a righty, but he can smash the ball, especially to the short porches at Yankee Stadium.

12 thoughts on “Fools! Johnson Contemplating Surgery, Could Be Out 'Till August

  • Mike S.

    I love Montero. One problem. The 20 year old Montero is struggling to hit .230 right now at SWB. More seasoning appears to be definitely necessary.

  • Jayson Oviedo

    The Yankees have a bad habit of bringing their old trash back to the yard after having put it in the dumpster years ago. (see javy vasquez) There is nary a softer player in the game today than Nick Johnson..this guy is always hurt! This was a worthless addition and a wasted roster spot.


    Johnson is a hapless soul that will never turn into anything. And, Vasquez should be traded to the Mets for Beltran. I just hope that they have not made another mistake with Granderson, a player with diminishing talents. Good going Cash as you really stunk up the place for 2010! Thank God for ther starting pitching. When is Arod going to hit homers?

  • jvjazz

    Hey Guys,
    I understand your points and you are not dealing with reality regarding Johnson an Vasquez. Look at the stats – Johnson on the DL for 12 times in the last ten years; and Javi can't pitch in the AL. I get the age factor and that is a fair point. But for one year, I still rather have either Damon or Matsu instead of Johnson. As far as the youth factor, what about Jackson? Time will tell about Granderson. Deal with the facts, the Yanks don't keep their youth. That's reality not moaning. I love the Yanks and appreciate your comments.

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