Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx Hitting Yankees Hard

05/03/10Photo by: Walter Iooss, Jr. / SI

The above picture is the cover of the May 3, 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated where columnist Tom Verducci sat down with the core four and chatted with them over lunch (it was the first time the four of them where together without a bunch of other teammates). Everyone knows about all the SI cover jinx rumors where if a team is on the cover they will undoubtedly lose, and of course it is all just myth and legend, or is it? Since the cover has leaked three of the four Yankees have gone down with injury. Mariano Rivera has had side issues, Jorge Posada has a calf strain, and Andy Pettitte left his start Wednesday afternoon with stiffness in his left arm. Now all eyes will be on Derek Jeter the only one still standing of the core four. This brings up another interesting issue though, maybe the Yankees are starting to get a little to old.

The Core FourThe injured members of the core four are 37, 38, and 40 (none have yet to have a birthday this year) so is it really a coincidence these three guys happen to be fighting injuries? The Yankees got rid of Matsui and Damon to get younger, but the simple fact is the team as a whole is still old. Asides from Phil Hughes none of the starters are under 30 (Sabathia will be 30 in 2 months) . Including Posada in the lineup since he has not been put on the DL the ages of the lineup go: 35-31-30-34-27-38-29-26-35/33 and some of these guys have yet to have a birthday this year. This is a winning lineup so I am not saying I want to change the team, but I hope the Yankees are sure in their future starters who are currently in the minors. Everyone knows about Jesus Montero and some of the pitching prospects, but replacing Mo will be next to impossible and even the position players since it is a toss up whether they will actually have a future.

I am sure the Yankees will try their hardest to win again this season and hopefully they win every year until the last of the core four is gone, because after that who knows what the Yankees will look like. In the mean time a message to Sports Illustrated please leave us off your cover!

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3 Responses to Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx Hitting Yankees Hard

  1. Mike S. says:

    Maybe that's why Jeter isn't looking into the camera. It may be his saving grace! :-p

    Hope he has some rabbits feet, 4 leaf clovers, etc. Dang you, SI.

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    If Pettite misses a start due to his stiff arm, wouldn't the Yankees need a spot starter, especially given Girardi's decision to skip Vazquez? Who would the spot starter be?

    • Stephen Crociata says:

      It all depends if he goes on the DL or not, which there has been discussions about. If he doesn't go on the DL my opinion is it will likely be split by Mitre and Aceves. If he does go on the DL they could always give one of their AAA guys a chance then have Mitre/Aceves ready if he can't get the job done.

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