The Yankees Just Came Off Their Toughest 20 Game Stretch

The Yankees just came off a stretch of 20 games where they really not all that impressive and went 9-11. That’s five games against the Red Sox, four games against the Tigers, two games against the Rays, six games against the Twins, and three games against the Mets.

It got me thinking, that has got to be their toughest stretch they will have this season. So I decided to take a look at the schedule and see if that were true. They certainly started off the season with a rough stretch playing nine games against the Red Sox, Rays, and Angels. That’s not quite 20 games, but a the quality of the opponents is as tough as any.

Their next 16 games are certainly not going to be against any World Series contenders as they play the Indians, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Astros. Then they run into the Phillies and Mets again, but after two three-game series they face the weak Arizona Diamondbacks.

After that they don’t face any real intimidating teams until after the All-Star break when they face the Rays and Angels again, but that is only five games before they go back to playing the Indians and Royals. July ends with a three game series against the Rays and they do play the Red Sox early in August, but they get the Blue Jays in between. After that only the Rangers, who aren’t even that good, and the Tigers are the only strong teams they face the rest of August.

During the stretch run of September the Yankees have some tough opponents. They play Texas three times, Tampa seven times, and Boston three more times. Those games are broken up by the Orioles and Blue Jays though.

So looking at the schedule, if you count the Mets as a tough team, and I do especially because of the starters they used, these past 20 days have easily been the toughest stretch the Yankees will play all season long. They’ll certainly be tested throughout the season, but it seems like the Orioles or the Blue Jays will always be involved to give them a break.

So it has been a tough last 20 games for the Yankees, but get ready. Over the next 16 games they’ll start rolling and hopefully they can use these next two weeks to spring board them all the way to October.

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