Yankees and Mets Fans Differ. Who knew?

Everyone. That’s who. A survey of 650 people from Public Opinion Strategies was conducted to figure out what the differences were between the two fan bases. There couldn’t be two different teams and two different fan bases in the same city. The only other two teams that even come close are the Lakers and the Clippers. I mean, come on! The Mets fans have had to deal with completely inept management for decades now whereas the Yankees management has, for the most part, helped the team. Fans of the Metropolitans have watched helplessly as Johan Santana’s immense talent has been squandered by an anemic offense, shoddy defense, and inconsistent managers. How could Mets fans be the same as Yankees fans?

In this New York familial relationship the Mets are the younger brother and the Yanks are the older brother, that much is clear. The younger bro has shown some potential but is still in his awkward growing phase and constantly psychs himself out with bad decisions while his older brother the Yanks plays starting quarterback and gets with all the cheerleaders after winning state championships. Add on top of that getting rejected by girls in public two times in a row (blowing massive leads with barely weeks left to play) and not hitting your growth spurt yet (not fielding a full major league roster since Bill Buckner watched a ball go through his legs in 1986), it seems unlikely that Mets fans and Yankee fans would have much in common. But there is one thing that little bro can be proud of.

He is hammered. How else could he pretend to have fun at Mets games?

More Mets fans drink alcohol and own guns.

Awesome. Mets fans are 43% more likely to drink beer while 30% of Yankee fans polled said they don’t drink. Hey, but at least when we win we are sober. My guess is that Met’s fans use alcohol as a coping mechanism. After 10 beers I bet you could convince yourself that re-acquiring Anderson Hernandez is a great decision. So we drink less. I guess that is okay. It can’t get any worse right? I mean its not like Yankees fans are a bunch of preppy 20 year old artists who majored in English in college or dropped out to play music. Right?

More Yankees fans drink Starbucks coffee and own a Mac.


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2 Responses to Yankees and Mets Fans Differ. Who knew?

  1. Peter says:

    Let the stereotyping begin.

  2. Sharon says:

    Love it.

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