Activate Posada -> Send Russo Down -> DFA Moeller -> Call Up Curtis

The Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is probably coming off the DL today, but there is no clear choice of whom the Yankees will send down to the minors when they activate him.

It could be back-up catcher Chad Moeller, but because of the nature of Posada’s injury and the position he plays that’s probably not a smart idea. Especially as Posada is expected to DH through this weekend.

It could be Juan Miranda as his at bats will take a big hit with Posada taking up space as the team’s DH for at least the next week. The problem here is that Mark Teixeira is day-to-day after leaving yesterday’s game early because he fouled a ball off his foot. If Miranda is sent down than there is no insurance at first base while Tex is questionable.

No, the person the Yankees should send down is Kevin Russo. Russo is doing well for himself since coming up despite some mediocre numbers because he has come up with some timely hits and has played three different positions for them and he has done well at all three.

The problem is that up until this season Russo was primarily a middle infielder. He never really played third base or any outfield positions which is how the Yankees have been using him. In fact, he probably never would have been called up if Colin Curtis had not been on the DL.

So the Yankees should send Russo back down to Scranton when they activate Posada. There he can continue his development defensively in the outfield (he’s already spent an entire season at Triple-A so his bat is probably about as ready as it’s ever going to be).

Meanwhile, when the time comes and Posada is ready to step back behind the plate full-time Moeller will no longer be necessary. At that point the Yankees will have to DFA him and if he clears waivers they’ll send him back down to Scranton. To take his spot on the roster the Yankees will then call up the outfielder Curtis.

Curtis is after all, not Russo and not Greg Golson, the outfielder the Yankees would have called up in the first place had he not been on the DL. That gives the Yankees a halfway decent bat off the bench, somebody who can play all three outfield positions, and it will give time for Russo to become the super-sub that he probably needs to be to stay in the Bronx for good.

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