Jorge Posada's Career Will Never Be The Same Again

Yesterday I wrote about the Yankees sending IF/OF Kevin Russo down when Jorge Posada was activated, but that’s not what ended up happening. Instead they demoted 1B/DH Juan Miranda and the reason is because Jorge Posada is more of a DH than ever before.

See, I knew that Posada was going to come back as a DH and not a catcher, but I thought that was only going to be through the weekend. Instead this sounds like something that could happen for a couple of weeks. Even after he returns to catching it is likely that we’re to see Francisco Cervelli catching his fair share too.

So with Posada expected to be the every day DH there is no real need for Miranda. Thames is the bat off the bench and Russo is the backup first baseman. Also Chad Moeller is going to be the backup for longer than we thought.

“I know that I can catch and I know that I can be out there,” Posada said. “But a lot of circumstances have come. I’m going to have to be smart about it. If I’m in the lineup, I’m happy. I would like to catch here and there sometimes, but I understand what the future holds.”

He also said: “Two or three weeks from now, I’m probably going to be 100 percent.”

The Yankees say that they want him to be their everyday catcher as soon as he’s ready, but in reality there is no rush.

With Nick Johnson out until July or August they do need a DH so keeping Posada in that role makes sense.

Cervelli has also done a great job as the everyday catcher in his absence. Why not let him keep playing?

That’s not to say that Posada won’t catch. He will. But the days of him being this team’s primary catcher are over. At least until Johnson returns Cervelli won’t be riding pine.

Even beyond this season Posada won’t necessarily be the primary catcher. Between Posada’s four injuries in the last two years and Johnson’s own injuries the Yankees aren’t likely to resign the impending free agent. Instead they’ll likely use Posada as the full time DH and split time behind the plate between Cervelli and top prospect Jesus Montero.

So it’s too early to tell right now, but it seems like Posada the catcher is poinsed to become Posada the catcher/DH.

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12 Responses to Jorge Posada's Career Will Never Be The Same Again

  1. I would say all of that depends. It doesn't look like Scranton is going to be a playoff team which makes it more likely that we'll see Montero this September. But he is not on the 40-man roster which makes it less likely we'll see him and they may not be in a position to add him to it. Right now I would guess that he'll get called up at some point in September, but it is certainly not guaranteed.

    As for Moeller. I think he's only going back down when other players dictate. Meaning when Posada is fully healthy not because he's batting .100 or anything like that. They won't call up Montero or Romine to sit on the bench and right now Cervelli is going to catch if Posada isn't.

    So unless something changes we're going to see Jesus in September at the earliest.

  2. Matt says:

    Rob, I'm with you on Moeller and the young catchers. It makes no sense to call up a youngster if he's not going to play. Moreover, they can't just send Moeller back down because has no options. He's a valuable bench guy with his innings catching veterans (Schilling, Johnson, etc.) and young studs (Ben Sheets). Unless they bring in an veteran upgrade I think Moeller is a low risk, good guy to have around.

  3. Pat Hulser says:

    Love your work, am faithful reader! One question, do you think Montero might get called up when rosters expand so that the NYY can see his progress/potential for back up next year. Also if Moeller just does not hit, might the NYY bring up Montero or even Romaine for a trial before the rosters expand in September?

  4. theboogiedown says:

    You raise a very emotional flag here Rob. The truth can hurt. As a lifelong Yankee fan, as most of us here are, this signifies the most irrefutable demise of the core four. A group of guys that have played some of the most impactful baseball over the past 10-14 years. That being said, Jorge is one of the most effective guys hitting off the bench that I can remember in pinstripes (got any numbers?). Had they not been obligated to pay him so much money this year I think they might have passed on Nick Johnson all together and allowed him to be the DH/back-up catcher this season. This is possibly the best of an unplanned situation.

    • Well it's not as if Posada is disappearing altogether or becoming a bench player though. He'll be an everyday player for the next year and a half. I'd guess that he doesn't play more than half of those games behind the plate.

      • theboogiedown says:

        Dude, The title of your article is, “Jorge Posada’s Career Will Never Be The Same Again” And I certainly never suggested he is disappearing at all I simply said that “this signifies the most irrefutable demise (not playing defense often)of the core four”

  5. You bring up a good point Matt. Moeller could very well be on the major league roster until Nick Johnson comes back. I wonder if they would try to trade for another veteran backup to play instead of him. Say somebody like Jose Molina?

  6. Mike S. says:

    Actually, right now SWB is in 2nd place, 1 game behind Syracuse in the International League North Division. At 31-22, they have the 3rd best record in the league. The postseason, as of now, is a very strong possibility.

    Montero is still struggling. Still only 20, he is hitting just .224-3-21 at SWB. He obviously needs more time at SWB and can’t and should not be rushed to be Bronx.

    • You are right. I read something this morning that said they were under .500.

      You're right, there is a chance we don't see Montero at all this year. I mean last season they really could have called up Ajax and didn't. So maybe they'll do the same thing again.

  7. Mike S. says:

    I do wonder about Posada’s eventual departure, not to mention others.

    Amicable? On the player’s terms?

    Or (as I fear with Posada) on the level of Bernie Williams’, which was NOT amicable?

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