Let The Criticism Begin: Hughes Gets Batted Around After Skipped Start 7

The “Phil Hughes Rules” have claimed their first start, which would have been last Friday. Those same rules have also claimed their first loss.

The Seattle Mariners are among the worst teams in the Majors in terms of offense, and with Phil Hughes on the mound, with a 10-1 record, the game would appear to be a good match up for the Yankees.

That is of course, not mentioning the 10 days in between tonight and Hughes’s last start, due to the innings limit that forced him to miss his last scheduled start on Friday.

Hughes pitched very poorly, he allowed at least one run in every inning except for the first, and was pulled after five and two thirds innings pitched 

The Mariners ripped a home run, four doubles, a total of 10 hits, and six earned runs off him, that coming from a terrible offensive team, against arguably the best pitcher for the Yankees this year.

If you ask me that sounds like he either had a really bad night, or something was hindering his effectiveness on the mound. MY9 Broadcaster, Al Leiter thought the latter of the two:

“By limiting his innings and skipping his last start, I think it has affected his effectiveness tonight.”

Either way, he pitched very poorly, and hopefully this will serve as a lesson to the Yankees to not skip any more starts, but I’m sure they will just say that he had a bad outing. Yeah, a bad outing due to 10 days off!

Nick Swisher accounted for two of the Yankee runs, with two solo shots off Cliff Lee, but the rest of the Yankee offense was unable to pick it up, and the Mariners beat the Bombers 7-4, behind a complete game by Cliff Lee.

An embarrassing performance by New York, and one that could be the first of many to come, if Hughes is unable to pitch like he did before the “rules” came into effect.

A game that the Yankees, seemingly, should have won turned out to be an easy win for the Mariners, whose offensive woes ended against a pathetic Phil Hughes.

7 thoughts on “Let The Criticism Begin: Hughes Gets Batted Around After Skipped Start

  • Mike S.

    I hear people all the time talking about old-time pitchers and the amount of innings they put in.

    Look this up. No rotator cuff surgery back then. No Dr. Andrews down in Birmingham, AL.

    Drysdale done at 33. Stottlemyre done at 32. Hunter done at 33. Robin Roberts never the same after 1955 or 1956 at age 3-30 or so.

    Go ahead. Look it up.

  • Mike S.

    The question is this: Hughes needed to be great, not mediocre or just good, to beat Lee;

    I always condition myself to 65 losses a year. Years of 103-59 (2009) or 114-48 (1998) don’t come around often.

    So I prepare myself for 97-65. Keeps me sane, ha ha.

    So you sacrifice a start and a game now in order that Phil is more fresh in October. I don’t want another Prior or Wood here.

    We don’t know about October yet. But say Hughes goes 7 IP, 1R, 4 H and wins an important playoff game.

    Will you look back on tonight as an important night in which a regular season game was sacrificed for long=term (and we would hope postseason benefit)?

    If such is the case, I will gladly make that trade.

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