Rivera is Willing to go Year-to-Year

Earlier in the year everyone was writing stories about Derek Jeter and what it would take to resign him after this season is over and his 10-year contract finally comes to an end. I’m not sure what the obsession was over it because everyone knows that Jeter is more likely to retire than to sign somewhere else.

However, with all of the Jeter/free agency stories out there there really wasn’t much thought given to Mariano Rivera, another potential free agent who, at age 40, is much more likely to retire than Jeter. Joel Sherman of the NY Post did catch up with Rivera this week and asked him about his impending free agency:

When I asked Rivera what he wanted, the great righty said, “During the season it is hard to focus on the contract. During the season, I have to do what is right by the team.”

When I asked if he would be amenable to doing what Andy Pettitte (another free-agent-to-be) does, and take one-year contracts and determine at the end of each season if he wants to continue to play, Rivera said, “Something like that would be fine.”

This is good news for the Yankees because it will give them financial flexibility as they won’t have to shell out a huge multi-year deal. It also should give them the piece of mind that they won’t have to be paying Rivera past his expiration date, if he even has one.

The one fear this does bring up is that by not locking Rivera down it is possible that he could retire before his skills have faded. Admittedly this is not a very big fear because in most of the interviews Rivera gives he talks about how much he loves playing and how he’s going to keep pitching until he is no longer effective.

Really, if the Yankees were lucky Jeter would do the same thing, providing the Yankees with roster and payroll flexibility. Hell, if both players would do that than it would be worth it for them to overpay each player in their final years. Those extra dollars would easily be worth the flexibility one -year deals would provide.

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4 Responses to Rivera is Willing to go Year-to-Year

  1. Lucas Weick says:

    The financial flexibility would be beneficial, but is it worth organizational uncertainty? Andy Pettitte doing it is fine, but if Pettitte, Jeter, Rivera, and eventually Posada all go year to year then how do the Yankees know who to focus on in free agency and drafts?

  2. Chas says:

    having andy, jeter, rivera, and posada all in year-to-year contracts would make the Yankees offseason drama dwarf the brett favre drama every season

    • Lol. Yeah the coverage of it would be drama filled. However in reality I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be so bad. It would just be the media making something out of nothing. Just like the Brett Favre drama every season.

  3. These guys are not typical free agents though. I think the only uncertainty is whether or not they will leave it’s whether or not they will retire. So it’s not like they have to bid against people for them. Also, I think the Yankees are better off having these guys leave the party too early than too late. This guards against that.

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