Trade Rumor: O's Want Young SS for Wigginton

The trade deadline is barely over a month away and the Yankees, as usual, are expected to be buyers again this season. Thanks to an over $200 million payroll they really don’t have many needs, but they do need some bullpen help and another bat.

One player who is on the trade block who could help the Yankees is Ty Wigginton, but even though we don’t know if the Orioles would trade him within their division to the Yankees we do know what the O’s are expecting to get back for him thanks to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Rosenthal has reported that the Orioles won’t trade Wigginton unless they are getting back a young shortstop.

This could be good for the Yankees depending on exactly what quality shortstop they are looking for. If they are looking for an elite young prospect then they are probably out of luck, but the Yankees might have a number of players that might interest Baltimore: Eduardo Nunez, Ramiro Pena, Kevin Russo, or Reegie Corona.

Again, the Orioles might be talking a top prospect type of shortstop. Or they might be talking a Nunez type. If the Yankees are really lucky they’d settle for Pena, but that seems unrealistic even if he were packaged with another prospect.

One thing you can be certain about, Andy MacPhail, the Orioles president, knows that Wigginton is one of the more attractive veterans that will be available. That means he’s going to wait, probably right up until the deadline, and get the best package he can for Wigginton. So if the Yankees do get him, it won’t be cheap.

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3 Responses to Trade Rumor: O's Want Young SS for Wigginton

  1. Greg F. says:

    If Wiggington projects to be a Type B free agent, I wouldn't hesitate to give up any of those guys. If he doesn't, I'm not sure, but I'd still consider giving any of them up. The Yanks could certainly use a guy like Wiggington off the bench.

  2. Mike S. says:

    I’d do it if one of those four names are what it takes. Put it this way, A-Rod’s hip/groin may require more DH time than expected.

    Now if he DH’s (or needs a full day off) do you want Wigginton at 3B or Pena/Russo?

    The difference between the bat Wigginton would give you, and the bat Pena/Russo would give you is great. The defense may not be as good, but I’d live with that. I don’t think the defensive dropoff Alex to Wigginton would be as great as the offensive dropoff Alex to Pena/Russo.

    Wigginton could also give Cano a day off if Cano needs to DH. Keep him fresh. Robbie hasn’t missed a game this year.

    He’s also played some 1B and LF. He has played 9 games in RF but I don’t know if I’d trust him there. Still, if you want him in LF one game instead of Thames…

    Jeter isn’t going anywhere yet. I’d do the deal. Of course, one of them may still have to be a backup SS with the Yanks (keep Pena, versatile, deal Nunez, less versatile?) because Wigginton, for his versatility, can’t play ss (he has,9 games worth, but…)

    Put it this way. I’m not counting on Nick Johnson to come back and solidify that DH spot. If he does, more power to him. If they can get Wigginton (a more versatile player than Johnson), go for it.

  3. nyyank55 says:

    I’ve always liked what Wiggington brings to the table. The guy is a gamer. I have been surprised that the Yankees haven’t tried to add him in the past. He would be a welcomed addition both for his bat and his versatility. A gold glover he is not but the man plays hard. Bring him in.

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