Yankees Injury Notes: Posada, Gardner, and Johnson

In my last update I actually gave you a couple of injury notes on Alex Rodriguez (groin), expects to play Tuesday, Marcus Thames (hamstring), out two more weeks, and Alfredo Aceves (back), threw off of flat ground, but the Yankees have been banged up quite a bit this season and one post just wasn’t enough.

Here are some more notes:

  • Jorge Posada caught his first game since going on the DL with a broken foot. After the game Posada described the foot as “sore,” but then backed away claiming it was just fatigued. Joe Girardi said he’s a little concerned and Posada isn’t likely to start catching everyday for a while.
  • Brett Gardner started again yesterday after missing time last week due to a sore thumb. Things looked good on the field as he went 2-for-3 with a stolen base, but afterward he said it wasn’t 100 percent and that he expects the injury to linger for some time. As long as they don’t think he’s making it worse he isn’t expected to sit.
  • Nick Johnson who has been out for some time with a wrist injury had his brace removed this week. He hasn’t been cleared to hit yet, but is doing most day-to-day stuff with it. This is a good sign and as long as he doesn’t experience any setbacks he could avoid season ending surgery.

The Yankees have been banged up quite a bit this season. They haven’t had too many real serious injuries, Johnson and Aceves have probably been the most serious, but they have had to deal with quite a few players who aren’t at 100 percent. It seems like everyone is getting mostly good news and hopefully the team will be back closer to full strength in a couple of weeks.

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5 Responses to Yankees Injury Notes: Posada, Gardner, and Johnson

  1. Goober says:

    I hope the Yanks can take the Phillies and Mets this week. The National League is stronger this year but the best teams in the AL are still better than the best teams in the NL. The most improved team in baseball is the Atlanta Braves. They are really good and may be the best team in the NL. American League teams have really weakened themselves this year. Baltimore, Seattle, Oakland, are three really weak AL teams. They are weaker than the worst NL Teams. Toronto has also taken a step back from what they were last year and I don't mean just losing Holiday. When the Yanks get everybody back and playing they are still the best team in baseball. I don't however, like the idea of losing Damon, Matsui, and Melky and getting Granderson, Vasquez, and Johnson. I think we were better with the former. If we still had those guys we would be 10 games in front and on a record setting pace for wins.

    • FYI, the Yankees are one of the oldest teams in baseball and resigning Damon and Matsui would make them even older. Also, the Yankees have the best offense in baseball. Gardner is having a better year than Damon and I'd be willing to bet that the Yankees are getting at least as much production from their DH's as the Angels are getting from Matsui.

    • Mike S. says:

      Melky: .249-2-15; 3 SB in 4 attempts. OPS+ 73. Lousy.

      Matsui: .264-9-39; obviously no SB attempts with those knees. 36 soon. OPS+ 107. Not bad but slowing down.

      Damon: .294-3-18. 4 for 5 in SB. Good OPS+ of 121. 36. Given a reasonable offer by the Yanks and refused it expecting more elsewhere which he DID NOT GET. Cashman read the market correctly. Damon and Boras did not.

      How many DHs would you want? Matsui can't play the field, and I don't want "Venus de Milo" Damon's arm out there. Damon spends as much time DHing for the Tigers as he does in the field. Or doesn't defense (speed and arm) mean anything anymore?

      Meanwhile Gardner is at .317-3-20; 22 SB. More RBI than JD, better average. Higher OPS+ at 126.

      I can't judge Granderson yet because of the injury and time off. Even with the time off, Granderson is 5 for 5 in SB, better than JD or Melky.

      Toronto has taken a step back? Yes, they don't have Halladay. They are 35-30. A pace for 87 wins. They were 75-87 last year. Step back? Kyle Drabek, Doug's kid, acquired from the Phils in the Halladay deal, is 7-5, 3.24 in AA ball. He's just 22.

      Johnson has been disappointing.

      Vazquez' started slow. Since the 1-4 start and the skipped turn, he has gone 4-2, 2.93. If he does from here through September what he's done over the last month, I'll gladly take that.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Granted the Yanks won the first game of this series 8-3, but I was VERY P-O'D tonight about something:

    Gardner triples. 2-0 yanks, the fastest guy on the team (22 SB) at 3rd and Cervelli (a good bunter, and just 1 MLB HR) at the dish.

    No attempt at a squeeze against one of the best…if not THE BEST pitcher in baseball in Halladay.

    If I were Girardi, I'm looking at any run I can get off of Halladay. I am squeezing there.

    The funny thing is, later in the game, Cervelli laid down a beauty of a bunt. Why not there? Can it be that the only manager around anymore that appreciates the beauty of a squeeze is Bobby Cox?

    Gardner on 3rd. One out. A good bunter in Cervelli at the plate. A tough pitcher on the mound in Halladay. What better time?

    Cervelli has one, count it, ONE major league HR. He struck out against Halladay on three pitches without once showing the possibility of laying one down. Which I find inexcusable. You must at least show squeeze there if not actually lay one down.

    Advocates of littleball (like John McGraw or Billy Martin) were turning over in their graves at that point.

    Granted that it didn't mean much in the long run, but if the Yanks would have lost by a run, I'd be tearing my hair out and throwing some things around my house.

  3. You're right Mike. In that situation you should probably bunt. Cervelli does tend to hit in RBI spots though better than when nobody is on base. Girardi was probably thinking along those lines. Also, it was clear early that Halladay was not his regular dominating self and Sabathia looked downright sick in the first couple of innings. Maybe that's why Girardi didn't do it.

    Still, I agree, I would have liked to have seen him bunt in that situation.

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