Yankees Notes: Burnett, Injuries, Vuvuzelas, Culver, and Brackman

AJ Burnett had a rough second innning where he allowed four runs and the Yankees never recovered losing the game 6-3 to 47-year-old Jamie Moyer.

Here are some notes:

  • AJ Burnett has been real bad of late, his ERA over his last three games: 9.00.
  • Alex Rodriguez (groin) was back in the lineup last night as the DH. He scared everyone though when he jogged a 9th inning double. He said afterward he was just taking it easy down 6-2.
  • Jorge Posada caught his second game since breaking his foot and he again said it was “tender” after the game.
  • Can’t get enough of the vuvuzela horns at World Cup games? Too bad because you can’t bring them to Yankee Stadium.
  • Yankees 1st round draft pick SS Cito Culver has reportedly agreed in principal to a deal with the Yankees. He still has to take a physical and graduate from high school (he graduates this Sunday).
  • Don’t miss our story on Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances. Joel Sherman hears that Brackman may get called up to Double-A soon.

In the comments section of my Brackman/Betances story I wrote that I didn’t expect either to get called up to the majors until 2012 at the earliest. Well if Brackman is getting called up to Double-A so soon then it is certainly possible he could be in the majors late in 2011. I am sticking with 2012 with Betances though. He’s two-years younger and he isn’t on a major league deal like Brackman is.

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