Yankees Sign Eric Bruntlett

According to the Scranton/Wilkes Yankees, the Yankees have signed infielder Eric Bruntlett to a minor league deal and he is expected to play in Triple-A Scranton tonight.

Bruntlett is a former major leaguer with 512 games experience over seven seasons. His career average is just .231, OPS is .633, and OPS+ is 64. He last played for the Phillies over the last two seasons. He played in 72 games last year for them with an OPS+ of just 22. Most recently he was in the Washington Nationals organization playing in Triple-A. In 44 games this season he has a .210 average and a .611 OPS in the minors.

This sounds like a move strictly for minor league depth. Bruntlett has almost no chance to make the majors even if a few players went down with injuries. He’s not a bad guy to have in your organization either because he plays just about ever position except pitcher or catcher.

Bruntlett also turned an unassisted triple play last season against the Mets. Here is a video of that:

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3 Responses to Yankees Sign Eric Bruntlett

  1. Mike S. says:

    I don't think Bruntlett has much chance but he does play all positions, and as of now, Pena and Russo aren't hitting.

    The versatility of each is nice, as is a good glove, but sooner or later, the bats gotta come around.

    Pena is .186-0-8, 2 for 2 in SB. 11 for 59 and a sickening OPS+ of 21.

    Russo is 9 for 43, .209-0-4. 1 for 1 in SB and an OPS+ of 47. Not much better.

    So a combined .196-0-12 in 102 AB; their youth gives them an advantage over the 32 year old Bruntlett, and I'm not a Bruntlett fan (.231 career BA, OPS+ 64) but Pena and Russo haven't distinguished themselves offensively at all.

    SWB is actually playing in the Lehigh Valley right now. I'm going to Saturday's game.

    Gardner and Cervelli have each done surprisingly well this year, but seeing a 7-8-9 of those two plus Pena makes me shake my head. I prioritize a bat at the deadline. Having two of them at the bottom of the order, ok. All three? Can't do that. The three have eight major league HR and six are by BG. Tough in the NL with that. The AL? Sheesh.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    He has almost no chance to make the majors. Isn’t that what we said when they signed Huffman?

    • I didn’t say that. I thought Huffman was better than all of the other minor leaguer outfielders the Yankees had near the majors. I still feel that way.

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