Yankees Trade Rumors: Yanks Not Interested in Cliff Lee

This morning I passed along a rumor that the NY Post reported today that the Mariners were scouting the Yankee minor leaguers in anticipation to deal LHP Cliff Lee to the Bronx. When I wrote the story I wrote it reluctantly because the Yankees have a full five man rotation and have no need at all for another starter.

This afternoon the Daily News published a more sensible report in which they actually contacted the Yankees to see if there was any interest at all to deal for the Mariners ace. It turns out, there is none.

“There is no urgency to do anything with the rotation,” a Yankees official told the Daily News. “That’s not an area that we’re focused on.”

“Seattle may be doing its prep work by scouting a bunch of different teams,” the official said. “But it sounds like they’re doing more prep work than we are on this one.”

It’s a pretty good bet that the Yankees will be interested in Lee at some point, but that won’t happen until this offseason when he is a free agent. Nothing about general manager Brian Cashman’s past indicates that he would make a move like this. George King, the Post reporter who initially broke this story, has been around long enough to know this, or at least he should. I’m still surprised that he ran with this story, the least he could have done is contacted a Yankee official to find out if there was any possibility in this happening at all.

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One Response to Yankees Trade Rumors: Yanks Not Interested in Cliff Lee

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Much more likely that the Yankees will be looking at a relief pitcher and possibly a DH/OF type. How many more times do we need to see Chad Gaudin?

    I think that Lee is too expensive both in terms of players and salary for the Yankees this year.

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