Yankees Injury Updates: Johnson, Aceves, Thames, Mitre

A lot of teams have been dealing with injuries and fortunately the Yankees injuries have been relatively mild. Here is a rundown of a couple of players and how they’ve been doing:

Nick Johnson – Out with a wrist injury, he has been hitting off a tee this week with hitting coach Kevin Long. No ETA as of now, but Yankees are hoping by August.

Alfredo Aceves – Out with a back injury, Aceves has been throwing bullpens and despite the lack of a time table, he should be back on the roster soon. A rehab stint will be necessary before a Bronx return though.

Marcus Thames – Out with a strained hamstring, Thames has been playing rehab games in Triple-A Scranton. Last night he played in the field for five innings and appeared about ready. Should be the first one back on this list.

Sergio Mitre – Out with an oblique strain, Mitre was scheduled to pitch a rehab inning today. He’ll probably appear in another game or two before the Yankees know exactly when to expect him back. If anybody beats Thames back to active duty it will be Mitre.

Thoughts: This is mostly good, not bad, news. Two players are likely back before the All-Star break and one shortly after. I don’t think anybody expects anything certain when it comes to Nick Johnson, early August still seems slightly optimistic.

(thanks to Bryan Hoch of MLB.com).

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4 Responses to Yankees Injury Updates: Johnson, Aceves, Thames, Mitre

  1. Mike S. says:

    The one I miss the most is Aceves.

    • Mike S. says:

      …and it shows a bit today. Joba blows the 1-0 lead (5.40) and D-Rob and Park lose it in the 11th. D-Rob 6.15 and Park 6.66.

      I did NOT like the Park signing at the time and don't like it now.

      Aceves and Mitre are missed. Hopefully the bullpen gets back into gear when they return.

      But those ERAs of Joba, D-Rob and Park are unacceptable.

      As for Moseley, they want someone who can give length. But once length returns in Aceves and Mitre, should they go to Albaladejo?

      Yes, we have seen Alby before, and so-so. But the guy IS 2-1, 1.16 at SWB with 25 saves. And if the 8th inning trouble with Joba (and others) continues, maybe Alby deserves a shot.

      Either that or Cash hits the phones (Thornton, for one) in a few weeks.

  2. Hell yeah. But the offense would be better with Nick Johnson back. Even if he hits .000 he'd probably get on more than Cervelli in walks alone.

  3. dutchsailor says:

    They say Albie has added a pitch to his repetoire — if so, maybe he would be helpful. When Aceves and Mitre come back, Park gets DFA'd. But what about Moseley's skip option? Can he still go looking for another team if we send him back to SWB?

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