Rays Drop To 2nd Place, Youkilis Done for Season

The Minnesota Twins beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-6 this afternoon to put the Yankees back in sole possession of 1st place by half a game.

The winning run came in the top of the 9th inning when Jason Kubel hit a shallow fly ball that dropped in for an RBI single when it hit off one of the catwalks hanging in left field. The Yankees have been on the short end of a similar play so it is good to see this break go in their way.

After the game the Rays manager pretended like his team has never benefited because of that catwalk when he was complaining that his team needed a ‘real’ field.

In other MLB news that effects the Yankees, the ugliest man in baseball, Kevin Youkilis, found out that he’s done for the season today as a muscle tear in his thumb will require surgery.

At six and a half games back the Red Sox are still not out of it, but with the injuries they’ve suffered it would be amazing for them to even win the Wild-Card at this point. The Yankees will have a good chance to put some distance between them and the Red Sox as the two teams face each other this weekend.

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