The Yankees Need To Call Up Ivan Nova, Now!

After witnessing yet another poor start by Javier Vazquez on Monday, I believe that it is about time to call upon the services of 23 year old Ivan Nova.

As you may, or may not know Vazquez is going through a stretch of dead arm right now, which is severely limiting his velocity on pitches, topping out at 88mph.

He got ripped by the Rangers last Wednesday, and gave up two runs through four innings against the Tigers yesterday, throwing 106 pitches and dodging several scary situations in the process.

Joe Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland have stood by Javy through this dead arm period, but it simply can not continue, not with the division lead on the line seemingly every night.

And speaking of the division, Monday’s loss put the Yanks in a tie atop the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays.

You can blame the hitting, but the Yankees are pretty much stuck with what they got until Jesus Montero gets here in September.

As for Javy, the Yanks can fix that problem, put him on the DL and call up Nova!

I know that I sound like a broken record, as I have been lobbying for Nova to be in the Majors long before now, but how much longer can Brian Cashman sit there and ignore what is looking him right in the face.

It’s clear that Javy has lost his abilty to give the Yankees quality starts due to the dead arm, and the best thing for that issue is rest.

I could understand why the Yankees continue to run him out there every five days if they didn’t have any other options, but they do.

Nova has been excellent at AAA Scranton all year, posting an 11-3 record, with a 2.93 ERA in 22 starts. He has given upĀ 130 hits in 138 innings, while walking 44 and striking out 108, good for a respectable 1.258 WHIP.

In such a tight pennant race, as it is in the AL East, the Yankees can’t afford to keep sending Javy out to the mound every five days, not only because he has lost his velocity, but such short outings like yesterday against the Tigers tax the bullpen much more than normal.

I wouldn’t usually say this, but in the current Yankees plight, the rookie Nova gives them a better chance to win than Javy does right now. A two week stint on the DL should help restore his velocity, while Nova could help the Yankees in their dog fight with the Rays for first place.

All I’m saying is give the kid a shot Cashman.

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7 Responses to The Yankees Need To Call Up Ivan Nova, Now!

  1. Eric Communiello says:

    I know Javy didn't give us any length last night, but it's not like he didn't keep the Yankees in the game. It was only a two run deficit through eight innings, I'd rather direct a shake up at the lineup/bench.

    Eduardo Nunez instead of Ramiro Pena seems like a no brainer if Arod is going to miss any time over the next couple of weeks. Kevin Russo also provides an upgrade over Ramiro Pena's bat. I know it's not likely to happen until September call ups, but Montero needs to be brought up if Posada is going to DH more games than catch. Cervelli is an absolute black hole in the lineup.

    If Swisher is going to be out, I'd also love to see Gardner bat leadoff with Jeter batting second. I know it only really counts for the first time through the lineup, but I think that move, coupled with Gardner running more, could wake things up for the offense.

    • Brian Burkhart says:

      You have to keep in mind that Hughes is on an innings limit and consequently will have to be skipped occasionally. As such, the Yankees want to get as many innings out of Javy as possible, even if that means he only goes 4-5 and Mitre pitches a few innings. Honestly, the performance of those 2 last night should have been good enough to win.

      Cervelli needs to go, but Montero can't be brought up unless he can play every day – and I don't think he's ready to do that as a catcher. At this point, they can send Cervelli down without using an option because we're within 20 days of Sept 1st… I'd send him down and recall Chad Moeller. At least he can throw people out.

      If Swisher is out, I agree with moving Gardner. I'd put him in the 2-hole though. Letting Jeter bat leadoff at least assures that he can't hit into a double-play in the 1st inning.

      • Lucas Weick says:

        The offense has been pathetic the last two games, but I think that is due more to the fact that they have had no experience against either opposing starter. The Yanks will get back into the win column tonight against Verlander, who has had his fair share of struggles on the road, and the Yankees have seen him before.

        As for Javy, the gut has obviously lost his velocity and really last night's game should not have even been as close as it was. Mitre was excellent out of the pen, as was Kerry Wood, but if the Yankees for some reason need them again tonight, are they available? And if so, are they 100%?

        Nova has better "stuff" than Javy does right now and can give the Yankees more length.

        As far as injuries, I don't think that Swisher or A-Rod were hurt too severely, and I think it is entirely possible you could see them in the starting lineup again tonight. But I do agree that Cervelli needs to go.

      • Eric Communiello says:

        Gardner gets the nod in the lead off spot tonight with Arod out. Let's see if it helps at all.

  2. af says:

    I have to agree that it seems pointless to leave Javy in there with his "dead arm" issue. Better to give him a rest and let him come back later in the year if he can.

    If Nova's pitches are as hard to look at as the picture you have published of him, which is totally out of focus, no one will be able to hit him.

    As for Cervelli…what happened to that guy?

  3. Samuel Latin says:

    Cervelli was a good backup at the start but now he's a liability, we've lost 2 games lately due to his errors, Posada's skills are declining .. Yankees need to do something there, I agree Moller provides a better option. Javy has not lived up to expectations as most of Cashman's moves this season by not signing Damon & Matsui and Johnson has been a liability. We gave up Cabrera and Coke and what we got in return has not performed.

    Let's face it, the offense is totally inconsistant and not the caliber to go deep and now the pitching is defaulting also, this is a recipe for an early exit…George would have been in someone's face by now but it doesn't seem like brass is taking this serious. It's time go get some new blood in because the old blood seems tired, even Derek is having some terrible swings…is he having vision problems.

    I hope they get things rolling soon or all that money I paid DirecTv to watch them is gonna go down the drain. Go Yankees!

  4. joel garrel says:


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