Yankees Notes: 1st Place, A-Rod, Jeter, Park, Lowell

Alex Rodriguez finally hit no. 600 and Phil Hughes finally pitched another impressive game as the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 5-1 yesterday.

Here are some notes:

  • After the game the Tampa Bay Rays lost 2-1 to the Twins. They are now tied with the Yankees for 1st place.
  • How has A-Rod reached 600 home runs? It wasn’t just The Juice, he has made constant adjustments to his swing throughout his career.
  • If A-Rod’s chase for 600 didn’t do anything for you just sit back and wait for Derek Jeter to reach 3,000 hits, which he should do sometime next season.
  • Jeter helped himself to 3,000 in a big way yesterday by going 4-for-4.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates, because they are the Pirates, claimed RHP Chan Ho Park off of waivers. This is good news for the Yankees as they’ll save money on the remainder of Park’s salary.
  • The Yankees actually had a trade in place for Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell before the deadline, but pulled out of a deal when they saw Lowell’s medicals. It would have been the first Yankees-Red Sox trade since 1997.

That’s all there is for now. Everything else written today seems like it’s about A-Rod. Oh and Joba Chamberlain still has not allowed a run since losing the 8th inning job.

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