Yankees Notes: Posada’s Shoulder, Montero, Aceves

The Yankees got seven innings out of their starter A.J. Burnett, but once again the offense failed to make much noise as Mariano Rivera let the game slip away in the 10th inning causing the Yankees to lose to the Texas Rangers 4-3 in 10 innings.

Here are some notes:

  • That was an impressive performance by Burnett, if he could have avoided a 6th inning 2-run homer by David Murphy it would have been a great performance.
  • Francisco Cervelli came up in a big spot in the 8th inning yesterday, but the Yankees couldn’t pinch hit for him because Jorge Posada ‘s surgically repaired shoulder was giving him fits.
  • Posada is not starting tonight, mostly because of the fact that Javier Vazquez is on the mound and Cervelli has handled him most of this season.
  • The Yankees aren’t likely to call up Jesus Montero unless he can play everyday, but if Posada is still dealing with this many aches and pains in September (his knees, foot, and now shoulder have been bothering him) than the Yankees are going to have to seriously consider giving him a call-up.
  • Speaking of Montero, he’s been a one-man wrecking crew down in Triple-A after a slow start. His OPS in April and May were a disappointing .696 and .635 respectively. Since then: .829 in June, 1.072 in July, and a 1.363 so far in August. His bat is ready.
  • Alfredo Aceves threw 0.2 innings last night in Triple-A Scranton, depending on how his back feels today he’s next step is to throw 2 innings on Friday. If that goes well he could be activated after that.

This Posada issue could really bite the Yankees in the ass. Cervelli is hitting a pathetically low .192 with a .493 OPS since May 25. During that time he only has three multi-hit games. That’s about as close to an automatic out as it gets. Some pitchers are more of a treat at the plate. If Posada is going to continue to be the walking wounded than a third catcher would be nice, especially one who could occasionally pinch hit late in games. Like I said, the Yankees aren’t likely to call-up Montero unless he’s playing everyday, but once the minor league season ends hopefully they’ll make the right choice.

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5 Responses to Yankees Notes: Posada’s Shoulder, Montero, Aceves

  1. Mike S. says:

    Posada .192 since 5/25.

    Cervelli is .196 since 5/31.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Should add Gardner .184 since June 30th

  3. Rob Abruzzese says:

    You're wrong about Posada. You might have still been on Cervelli's page. Posada didn't play toward the end of May. From June 2nd he's got a .222 BA with a .713 OPS though. Bad, but not as bad as Cervelli. He has been hitting .242 with a .733 OPS since July 2nd if that does anything for you.

    • Mike S. says:

      Just going by what I was reading above regarding Posada. Probably need to edit. By "He’s hitting a pathetically low .192 with a .493 OPS since May 25." did you mean Posada? Or Cervelli?

      …and just wanted to add the Cervelli/Gardner numbers. Some key hits for Gardner tonight, however, in the comeback win. Biggest (Most Important) win of the year? Down 6-1 to Lee, strikeout 17 times, Red Sox about to creep to 4 back but comeback?

      But Posada's trends are disturbing. They keep reminding you that he will be 39 in less than a week's time.

      • Rob Abruzzese says:

        You're right. I was actually on Posada's BR page for a little while trying to figure out how you did that. It turns out it was my mistake. Sorry.

        You're right about Posada's age though. He's still not bad, offensively, compared to most catchers. He's got to get out from behind the plate.

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