Yankees Overhaul Granderson’s Swing

Via the NY Post:

“If it goes backward, I don’t think it will go backward and down,” Long said. “There might be bumps in the road, but I am looking for good things.”

Long, who said Granderson has accepted the very difficult process well, is attempting to take a lot of length out of Granderson’s overly long swing.

“We are trying to shorten his swing, to get it as compact as possible,” Long said. “He has length to his swing and has had length to his swing for a long, long time. He has been an All-Star with length to his swing. But at this point we are going to shorten it as much as we can.”

“We are trying to eliminate the moving parts to get to the balance point,” said Granderson, who pinch ran last night and scored the tying run in the ninth. “I have been changing swings my whole career.”

I liked the Curtis Granderson trade and I still do largely because he could potentially be with the Yankees through 2013 and I think he has a lot of potential. To reach that potential he can’t just sit back and hope things happen so I’m glad he’s being proactive. If he can manage to turn things around here in time for the playoffs, I think a lot of fans would be willing to put his past struggles behind him.

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2 Responses to Yankees Overhaul Granderson’s Swing

  1. Sorry, but I hated the Granderson trade back then and I hate it now. He has never been a great BA hitter, and his power isn't even that great as a yankee. Potential-wise, yes he could be good, but potential is just potential. If Long gets something out of him, great, but right now, I can't stand that trade. Especially with A. Jackson batting .304 and playing a sterling CF.

  2. Rob Abruzzese says:

    It's not like Granderson doesn't also play a sterling center field.

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