Yankees Scouting Report: Manny Banuelos

Frankie Piliere is a former MLB scout and is currently a writer for AOL FanHouse. He had a chance to watch the Yankees top pitching prospect LHP Manny Banuelos this week and came away very impressed. Here is a link to his article and here is a quick recap of what he had to say:

Physical description

  • Banuelos has added bulk to what was once considered a smallish frame.
  • He’s athletic which helps him repeat his delivery well.
  • He is right where he needs to be physically.


  • Banuelos has “well-above-average command” thanks to “very consistent delivery.”
  • He works from a three-quarter arm angle.
  • He “creates a nice downward angle despite his lack of height.”
  • He has problems occasionally working underneath his pitches.


  • His fastball is the biggest change from last year. It was 90-92 mph, it’s now 93-94 and occasionally works 95-96. He’s even hit up to 97 mph.
  • That is considered “a true plus fastball.”
  • He can “be a bit reckless with his location in the zone at times.”


  • His curveball is another significant difference between this season and last.
  • “His downer curveball was a consistent plus, 6 pitch on the 2-8 scouting scale.
  • It clocks in at 75-79 mph.
  • When he keeps it down in the zone, “it’s a true swing-and-miss, above-average pitch.”


  • Banuelos’ best pitch, even after improvement with his other pitches.
  • It clocks in at 78-82 mph with “big two-seam action and dead-fish drop.”
  • He has enough confidence to go to it in hitter’s counts.
  • “It’s a pitch that really sets him apart and will allow him to move quickly.”


  • There is a very short list of left handed MLB pitchers who can throw 93 mph or better.
  • His command will also further set him apart.
  • His only negative may be his lack of size.
  • If he can remain healthy and “keep his shorter frame in check” he is capable of being a front-of-the-rotation starter.

Click here to read Piliere’s entire article.

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