Yankees Trade Rumors: Cashman Says No More Trades

Via The Star-Ledger:

general manager Brian Cashman said following the Yankees’ 6-2 victory over the Tigers on Tuesday that he believes the Yankees have enough to weather setbacks. As the deadline for waiver trades approaches at the end of the month, he doesn’t intend to make any moves.

“I’m not anticipating any more moves,” Cashman said. “I think this is the team we’ve got and we’re looking forward to playing the string out and seeing where it takes us. Obviously, everybody in this game would like to be healthy. But that’s part of the game, not being healthy and dealing with it.”

This is a bit of a surprise because before the July 31st deadline the Yankees biggest target was a veteran bat who could play third base and they missed landing a player who fills that roll. Now Alex Rodriguez is having calf problems and the Yankees need an upgrade over Ramiro Pena more than ever.

This doesn’t necessarily mean no trades though as something could present it self and Cashman is never one to say never. It is unlikely that they’d make any other deal aside from a backup infielder.

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6 Responses to Yankees Trade Rumors: Cashman Says No More Trades

  1. joel garrel says:

    It is time for Cashman to resign. the yankees start the season every year with a 200 million dollar payroll and no bench. It is time to bring up montero now no knock against cevelli he has no pop in his bat.It is time to lose cashman come on Hal come on Hank make the move

    • Rob Abruzzese says:

      Yeah, nevermind that he just won a world series and the Yankees have the best record in the league. FIRE HIM! Nevermind that he got Berkman, Kearns, and Wood at the deadline for essentially nothing.

  2. highlander64 says:

    Cashman made the deals that were available…he's not terrible, he's just not that good either…the guy can spend money though…very few trades have worked out well…Berkman is doing terribly, Kearns has had a few moments and that's all he's been asked to do and Wood was a stupid acquisition even if he's smokin right now…under Cashman, the Yankees have traded away talent and he's not gotten a good return…Cashman is expendable…

  3. pep25 says:

    How can you say the Wood deal is stupid? That just might be the best move by Cashman in 2010. If Mo hangs them up this winter, Wood could be our number 1 option to replace him. The way Joba has pitched this year, a proven guy like Wood is needed.

  4. francisco benzo says:

    i will put thames, gaudin dfa, and sent ramiro somewhere, bring yhe youngsters.

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