Yankees Trade Rumors: Interested in Hiroki Kuroda

Via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports’ Twitter:

Dodgers put Kuroda on waivers. Rival exec: “I guarantee Yankees are all over it.” Kuroda owed about $2.7M. Lilly not yet on waivers.

This is about as far fetched as published rumors get. Rosenthal has no info from the Yankees. It’s a rival executive guessing that the Yankees would put a claim in on Hiroki Kuroda. This is not information from the Yankees and could be 100 percent off base.

The thing that makes it believable is that the Yankees would probably like to add a pitcher to their roster, particularly a veteran presence. Kuroda is exactly that at the age of 35. He hasn’t been dominant at the major league level, but he has been pretty decent, putting up a consistent ERA+ at 110.

The thing that makes this hard to believe is that there is no info coming from the Yankees. On top of that is the fact that the Yankees are literally the last team that will get a crack at him. First all National League teams get a chance to put in a claim, followed by all American League teams with worse records than the Yankees (everybody). So essentially, for the Yankees to be able to put a claim on him, everyone else in baseball would have to pass him up.

That doesn’t mean the Yankees won’t get their chance. The problem is, just putting a claim on him doesn’t necessarily mean the Yankees will get him. They teams would first have to try to work out a trade. The Yankees certainly have the parts to land him, but might be hesitant to part with certain draft picks the Dodgers covet. If no deal gets worked out, the Dodgers have the option to just let him go to the Yankees or to pull him off waivers. It’s hard to predict which of those paths the Dodgers would pick in that scenario.

Don’t get too excited that the Yankees might land this guy, but there certainly is a possibility. Especially if they can get him for nothing.

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