A.J. Burnett Has a Black Eye

Almost forgot to mention this one, I don’t know how. A.J. Burnett pitched last night with a black eye. Check out these photos:

Nobody knows what happened and he or the Yankees aren’t talking. Here is what he did say:

“I’m not going to comment, but I understand you have to ask,” Burnett said. “I think there’s more important things going on right now than my eye.”

Whatever happened, it’s much better that he’s got a black eye than a broken hand.

(Thanks to Zell’s Pinstripe Blog for posting these pictures).

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4 Responses to A.J. Burnett Has a Black Eye

  1. Mike S. says:

    Maybe AJ just got back from doing an old Tareyton commercial? He'd rather fight than switch?

    I know. It dates me. But here is a clue of what I mean… (from the days when cigarette commercials were on TV)….


  2. Jake M. says:

    A-rod's junk must have popped out of AJ's mouth and he took it in the eye

  3. Chris Hamlet says:

    Doesn't beat Logan Morrison's black eye.