A Walk-Off Win in the Bronx

The Yankees almost had one of their worst series of the season until Nick Swisher won the game with a 9th inning walk-off home run off of the Orioles Koji Uehara to lead the Yankees to a 3-2 victory.

Here are some highlights:

  • This was the 4th walk-off win for the Yankees this year.
  • Ivan Nova was great on the mound today making only one mistake, a 2-run home run allowed to Matt Wieters.
  • Brad Bergesen held the Yankees to just 4 hits.
  • The victory avoids the Yankees first home sweep by the Orioles since 1986.
  • It also keeps them from their first 4-game losing streak of the season. They are the only team in the majors who haven’t had one.
  • Derek Jeter was 5-for-36 (.139) during this home-stand.
  • Jorge Posada didn’t pinch hit in a situation where he was direly needed because he has concussion symptoms after getting hit with a foul tip last night.

That win is actually a big one. The Yankees offense looked great coming into this series, but fell asleep against mediocre Orioles pitching. Winning the last game like that should give them back some momentum going into Texas this weekend.

Also, a big game from Nova is huge as it helps alleviate some of the pressure in the rotation. Nova could be a legitimate pitcher on this team and a good bullpen option in the playoffs over the likes of Dustin Moseley and Chad Gaudin.

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3 Responses to A Walk-Off Win in the Bronx

  1. Mike S. says:

    I hate to say this, but right now, who would you want as #4 in the postseason? Nova, AJ, or Vazquez? Based on the last few weeks…

    not only that, if you go with four starters, who makes the bullpen? Based on Albaladejo's great SWB…

    there COULD (note, could doesn't mean WILL) be a postseason staff of twelve pitchers.

    Could that mean 4 starters (CC, Andy, Hughes and Nova) with

    8 relievers? Mitre, Gaudin, Albaladejo, Robertson, Logan, Wood, Joba, Mo?

    If that is your roster, guess where AJ and Vazquez go? To Tampa in case of emergency.

    Granted I don't see it happening. But could it? Take a look at those 12 pitchers. The way AJ and Vaz have been going….

    And the other 13 position players? Jorge, Cervelli, Teix, Berkman, Cano, Jeter, Nunez, Pena, Alex, Thames, Gardner, Granderson, Swisher….that adds up to… exactly 13.

    • Mike S. says:

      Of course in the list I mentioned, Moseley could replace Mitre or Gaudin. … but Albaladejo in the bullpen over a Vazquez or Burnett if Nova is made a starter? Alby has the relief experience. AJ and/or Javy less so.

      How far-fetched?

  2. I don't think you are too far off base. At this point Nova does look slightly better than AJ or Javy, but I just have a hard time seeing them do that. It doesn't meant that they shouldn't or wouldn't, but I think each pitcher will get 4 more starts to prove themselves. A lot can happen between now and then.

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