The Boss in The Hall? Bud Selig Thinks So

Via the NY Daily News:

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig held court in the back of the press box Monday night and was asked, among other things, if [George] Steinbrenner deserves a plaque in Cooperstown in addition to Monument Park. “Of course I do,” Selig said. “Now I’m sure that will have some controversy, but you asked me my opinion.”

Told that former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert is not in Cooperstown, Selig said, “I didn’t have a vote back then and I don’t have a vote now.”

Because he wasn’t a player, but an owner this is a very different situation than with your typical potential Hall of Famer. This is more of an emotional thing that a subjective, statistical thing.

I think he belongs and even though I’m sure there will be many who feel differently, I think ultimately he will be enshrined in Cooperstown. Steinbrenner purchased an already historic franchise that was practically run into the ground by the CBS corporation and brought it back to life again.

He was thrown out of baseball twice, but he bookended those suspensions with World Championships, seven in total. He was strongly against free agency, but used it perfectly. He caused havoc and turmoil in the organization, but left it as a smooth running juggernaut.

Perhaps most important of all, he built a beautiful new stadium that should keep the Yankees in the Bronx for decades to come (so much for his treats to move the team to Dirty Jersey).

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  1. Mike S. says:

    Ruppert should be in. It would be appropriate if baseball rectifies this oversight (I mean, the guy who brought the Babe to the Bronx and who built the original cathedral is not in?) by putting Ruppert in WITH the Boss. Both together.

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