Torre Makes His Triumphant Return to the Bronx Today

Via the NY Post:

Joe Torre and Don Mattingly will attend the unveiling of George Steinbrenner’s monument in Monument Park, according to multiple people with knowledge of the names who will be on hand tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium.

The Steinbrenner family invited people with ties to The Boss and Torre and Mattingly responded by telling the Steinbrenners they will attend.


Having Torre and Mattingly on hand is a significant event since they are such big parts of recent Yankee history.

Torre guided the Yankees to World Series titles in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 and led the Yankees to 12 straight playoff appearances. Mattingly is one of the marquee names for a franchise loaded with them and has a plaque in Monument Park.

Speaking Friday, GM Brian Cashman attempted to explain there was no animosity between the organization and Torre.

“There are no issues with Joe Torre and the Yankees,’’ Cashman said. “The issue was his rejecting the offer. Without question he is welcome.’’

This news makes a big event even bigger. Since the Yankees and Torre parted ways the Yankees have pretty much ignored one of the biggest managers in their history. It was immature and it’s a huge step forward to see that the fences are being mended.

He’s sure to get a big hand and Don Mattingly being involved will make this a pretty special night. Mattingly, who was once considered the future manager of the Yankees, was recently named the next manager of the Dodgers and proud Yankee fans will surely give him an extra huge ovation to show how proud they are with the former Yankee captain.

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