Wish We Weren’t There: Current Yankees Stretch

Rather they look like this now, not in October when it really matters.

If you are unfamiliar with Bronx Baseball Daily, we have a series called “Wish We Were There.”  It chronicles great historical moments in Yankees history.  I strongly recommend that you give them a read.

But, for this piece, I will be chronicling a moment in Yankee history, or at least a moment right now that we wish never had happened.  It isn’t at the 2004 level, but still, it is pretty embarrassing given how dominant the Yankees have been this season.

Currently, the Yankees are losers of seven of their last eight, dropping two out of three to the Baltimore Orioles at home, getting swept by the Texas Rangers in Arlington, and most recently losing to the now first place Tampa Bay Rays.

To make matters a bit worse, the Yankees are currently in a four game losing streak, and of these four losses, three have been walk off losses.

Many words come to mind that describes the Yankees recent play.  Lackluster, dead, lifeless, embarrassing, frustrating, annoying, etc.  Please feel free to add on to the list.

To be truthful, I am speechless on how to describe the complete 180 this team has taken since its eight consecutive wins spanning from August 28th to September 4th.

Most recently, many are absolutely crushing Joe Girardi for the decisions that he has made, notably in yesterdays loss.  He opted to to with Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre, with Mitre eventually giving up the knock out blow to Reid Brignac, over David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera.

His reasons, to give Robertson and Chamberlain extra rest due to a larger workload of late.

Why not Mariano?  It wasn’t a save situation.

We all have our opinions on the matter, and naturally I will share mine.

Call me crazy, but I agree fully with Girardi’s reasoning behind the moves, even with the negative outcome.  I feel that given the Yankees current state in the standings, they can play it safe and give potential October weapons much needed rest to keep them fresh.  The big picture is important, and rest players now to ensure that they will be ready when they are called upon.

But, last nights game, and this current series may not seem like the best time to rest players, especially important bullpen arms, but the Yankees are only .5 games back, with six remaining against Tampa Bay.  The Yankees are much better than they have been playing, and as Yankee fans, I hope we can realize that.  They, and us as a fan base, need to suck it up and deal with it, because as Dave Eiland said via Marc Craig (Twitter) “Sometimes you lose a battle to win the war.”

Thats my opinion, now please don’t hesitate to share yours.

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Yankee fan living in Rhode Island. Aspiring Yankee beat writer. Hockey player and coach.
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5 Responses to Wish We Weren’t There: Current Yankees Stretch

  1. Mike S. says:

    I'm glad I was watching in a pub, and not in my living room. I would have thrown a few pillows around.

    I don't understand Girardi's recent man-crush on Gaudin. I'd trust Albaladejo, who had a superb AAA season, over Gaudin.

    What really teed me off was Girardi's managing in the top of the 8th. Scoreless game. No one getting hits, and you get a break when Posada reaches on an error. Girardi does NOT pitch-run for Posada. Why not? Isn't that why you bring up callups in September? Isn't that why there are three catchers on the team? Not only that, he doesn't bunt the runner over. You leave 32 runners on, combined, on Friday and Saturday in Texas. You get two-hit on Sunday. Up to this point in the game, two hits. No pinch-runner. No sac bunt.

    …and of course, Kearns GIDP on the second pitch. Of course, in the 10th, Gardner PRs for Berkman, steals second and is picked off, but…

    where was someone in the 8th? Pena? Curtis? You could have PR there, bunted, replaced Jorge with Cervelli or Moeller… you needed a run there.

    No A-B-C baseball. No fundamentals or littleball. Wait for the HR which doesn't come. Heck, even if Kearns splits the gap, would Jorge really score from first? Or do things get worse by having Posada thrown out at the plate?

    This club is sitting back and not making things happen. Hit and run, bunt. You'll see that from the Rays, but not the Yanks. I can't remember the last time the Yanks squeezed a run home.

    The other night, Yanks can use a run. Nunez (fast) on third, Thames pinch-hits. Flyball not deep enough. Can't even get a SF. Golson comes in for Thames to play defense. Why not think small there, don't waste Thames and just have the speedy Golson bat (and squeeze)?

    But no, Girardi doesn't think like that. And as a result, gooseeggs on the scoreboard and losses piling up over the last eight games.

    Get back to a-b-c fundamental baseball. If a HR comes, it comes. But get them on, get them over, get them in. Period.

    • Mike S. says:

      I should add, (yes, I know, fallacy of the predetermined outcome) that right after Kearns GIDP, Granderson singled. You don't know. PR for Jorge, bunt the PR over, Granderson single… Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Never know. Could have been a run.

  2. The thing I really don't like is that there are still games left and they still need wins, but I feel like they've given away at least three games over the past few days by using crappy pitchers in important situations. Meanwhile, Albaladejo has had a tremendous season and isn't getting a chance to show what he can do at all. Why not put him in at least one high leverage situation instead of Gaudin, who is garbage. I can't believe there were some people who actually wanted that guy to start in last year's world series.

    • Jason from The Heart says:

      I am pretty much in agreement with you, Rob. I understand Girardi's concern about relievers' workloads. But Gaudin? Plus, Girardi's fondness for the bunt is really trying my nerves. He couldn't have had Grandy hitting away on a 2-0 pitch, from a guy in Balfour that everyone knew would deliver one? Awful.

      Plus, Gardner's attempted steal of third with two outs was a poor one. He's so speedy that he could have scored on almost any hit out of the infield, and he made the cardinal sin–making the third (or first) out at third.

  3. Steve — I think you have a very respectable and rational take on the situation. We were all scratching our heads at Joe going to Gaudin and Mitre, but if it means a more rested bullpen for the postseason, I can get on board.

    Rob — You could probably make the case that they gave away Friday's game, what with tossing Gaudin in there, but had Joba not given up the game-tying HR in the first place they never would've been in that mess. Saturday they had Mo in with a one-run lead, which means victory 99% of the time, and unfortunately Mo just couldn't get it done. Can't call that giving the game away; Yanks went down with their best on the mound. Last night was probably the clearest instance of the team giving a game away. Even with needing to rest members of the bullpen, going to Gaudin and Mitre in a 0-0 game in extras in the road is the equivalent of raising the white flag.

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