Yankees News: Swisher, Aceves, Oppenheimer, A-Rod

The Yankees have a tough series coming up this weekend, not only because they are facing the Blue Jays, but because they have Ivan Nova, Javier Vazquez, and Phil Hughes on the mound. This will be a big test to see which will be reliable for the playoffs.

Here are some notes:

  • Nick Swisher is day-to-day after leaving yesterday’s game with stiffness in his knee.
  • Alfredo Aceves suffered a setback yesterday and was scratched from his rehab appearance. This could be it for him this season.
  • Yankees amateur scouting director, Damon Oppenheimer, is a candidate for the Diamondback’s GM opening.
  • Alex Rodriguez has officially dumped his agent Scott Boras.

That’s all for now. I’ll have some more updates later on today so stay tuned.

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8 Responses to Yankees News: Swisher, Aceves, Oppenheimer, A-Rod

  1. dutchsailor says:

    Question — Does Montero compete for a position on the major league team next year, or does he at least start at Scranton again? Related to that, is Cervelli useful as trade bait? For instance, I saw that the Dodgers are looking for a starting catcher for next year. Is he good enough to be a starting catcher elsewhere?

    • Rob Abruzzese says:

      It's hard to say with Montero. I imagine that he'll start the season with the Yankees, but they may wait until May to call him up like a lot of teams have been doing with big prospects. His bat is ready right now though.

      Cervelli is definitely trade bait, but the Yankees could wait until after the 2011 season to deal him as he'll retain his value and they could use next year. After 2011 Romine will be ready and Cervelli won't really be needed. If the Yankees get the right offer though, they'll deal him this offseason though. He will never be a starting catcher with the Yankees, but I could see other teams, particularly a national league team, taking a chance on him as their starter.

  2. dutchsailor says:

    Also, if the Yanks split the rest of the season (28 games), they will have 98 wins.

    • Rob Abruzzese says:

      They've got a tough schedule though. I think it's a safe bet that they'll get at least 98 wins, but it is certainly possible they could finish with 96 for instance.

  3. Mike S. says:

    About time, Alex.

    Hope Aceves is A-ok for 2011. A just about wasted year for him. +/

  4. Rob Abruzzese says:

    2011 is all you can hope for with Aceves. Hopefully he has surgery soon and doesn't wait. If he has surgery before October then he should have no problem being ready by spring training. Any later than that and he could start eating into next season.

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