Yankees Notes: Teixeira, Marte, and More

Winning the first two games of this series against the Rays has been big. Phil Hughes pitching like a playoff pitcher last night might have been bigger. A.J. Burnett goes tonight and his spot as the no. 3 starter in the rotation could be on the line.

Here are some notes:

  • After throwing 6.1 innings last night, Hughes is at 169.1 for the season. The rumored limit for him this season is 170-180 which he is about to enter with his next start.
  • Mark Teixeira has been dealing with an injured thumb and toe, but he won’t sit again until the Yankees clinch home field advantage.
  • The Yankees are still holding out hope that Damaso Marte can return and pitch in the playoffs this year.
  • Javier Vazquez is just hoping to make the playoff roster.
  • Yankees front office exec Kevin Towers will be named the next GM of the Diamondbacks.
  • The Yankees Global Enterprises are nearly $2 billion in debt, but it’s considered “very manageable” as they have a steady stream of cash coming in to pay it off. The actual Yankees team only has contributed $97 million to that total. The rest is mostly tied up in stadium bonds, the YES Network, and their concessionaire, Legends.

Getting Marte back is obviously the biggest news on this list. Logan has been doing a good job, but the Phillies look dominant lately and having Marte to use against their tough lefties in a potential World Series matchup would be huge. See 2009.

It’s sad to see Towers go so soon. He came to this team during the offseason and clearly contributed in a few minor ways and probably many other ways that were behind the scenes that we’ll never really know about. Still, it’s good to have an ally out there.

As for the debt, most of it is economic jargon that is above my head, or at least beyond my ability to explain it here. Having debt is healthy as long as you are paying it back, and they are. From what I understand the Yankees have been very smart about their accounting practices to keep their luxury taxes down. They will probably be a target when the current collective bargaining agreement expires though.

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