Yankees Trade Rumors: Lilly Staying Put 4

Yesterday I passed along a story that the Yankees had won a waiver claim for Ted Lilly and may have been pursuing him even though the trade deadline had passed.

Later on in the day though Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Lilly was interested in signing an extension with and staying in Los Angeles with the Dodgers. Buster Olney of ESPN confirmed the report and added that the Dodgers were interested in seeing Lilly stay in Dodger Blue as well.

Given those reports and the fact that the trade deadline has passed it seems highly unlikely that the Yankees and Dodgers could make a deal for Lilly. It’s just as well as the chances of them finding and exploiting a loophole to get Lilly on the postseason roster were unlikely. September trades are possible, but almost pointless as the player cannot play for the team in the playoffs.

So it looks like the Yankees rotation is standing pat as of right now. Which isn’t a terrible thing as they are probably a week and a half to two weeks away from getting Andy Pettitte back.

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