Brian Cashman on the Yankees Immediate Future

As Brian Cashman said, “winter is upon us,” and what a busy winter it will be, especially since the Yankees missed their goal of winning the World Series.

There is a lot to do, but there are priorities. Here is a list of what Cashman thinks are the most important pieces to get locked up:

  • Resigning manager Joe Girardi is “the first order of business.”
  • Their top priority: pitching.
  • Cashman doesn’t see a scenario where Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera leave, adding, “this is where they belong.”
  • They would also like Andy Pettitte back, but first he has to decide to retire or not. Cashman said he will have as much time as he needs.
  • After all of that the Yankees will evaluate the trade and free agent market.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but Jeter’s contract negotiations alone have potential to be a huge circus act.

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12 Responses to Brian Cashman on the Yankees Immediate Future

  1. david k. says:

    We should say goodbye to Girardi and let someone else have a chance to manage. Girardi did a very good job in 2009 but he had a horrendous 2010 and, most disturbing of all, made all kinds of poor decisions in September and October that cost the Yankees. The decision to flip flop Pettite and Hughes was an awful mistake. The decision to start Pettite against Cliff Lee was awful. It should have been CC, Pettite, Burnett, Hughes and back to CC. Girardi was always good at using his bullpen but not this year's postseason. It seemed that he got complacent with everything this year and it rubbed off on the team.

    • Mike S. says:

      How was it a mistake? Getting two-hits against Lee in 3 and three hits in Game 6 meant no matter what, you weren't getting anything in those games. I'll take Andy vs. Lee in the matchups any time. Hughes in those games didn't mean anything. They didn't hit. Whitey Ford pitching wouldn't have made a difference.

      • Johnnie says:

        The Question is who do you want to pitch twice. Andy or Phil.

        If you pitched Andy in game two and six then you might have won a game. THis then puts CC ready to pitch relief in game 7.

        But this could have been all taken care of if Brian Got Cliff.

  2. Dan S says:

    I think Cashman is the one who should go. The Yankees needed pitching in a bad way, with the all the injuries, so what does Cashman do? At the trade deadline he goes and gets Berkman and Kearns. They already had a strong lineup 1 through 9 as far as hitting went. Joe Girardi had said repeatedly that he didn't want a permanent DH as there is age on the team and he wanted to use the DH slot to rest some of the older guys. Cashman went out and got Berkman anyway and basically shoved a permanent DH down Girardi's throat wether he wanted it or not. As bad as the pitching situation was, another starter was badly needed, and what did Casman do? Kerry Wood. C'mon Brian, that's all you could find? Another aging bullpen guy? I also think Nardi Contreras needs to go. There was nothing wrong with Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain when they first came up. All of this flip flopping and innings limits on both of them has hurt them. Cliff Lee, CC Sabbathia, Roy Halladay, all those pitchers of that caliber are capable of going complete games or at least deep into games because no one limited their innings when they were young. They're used to it. Phil Hughes will never be more than a 6 inning pitcher thanks to being ruined by Nardi Contreras. The Yankees need a lot of changes, but most of them should be in the front office, not on the field. I didn't like the fact that Girardi used Burnett in game 4 but I'm betting he was told to. The Steinbrenners and Brian Cashman probably didn't want to see thier 15 million dollar blunder go unused.

    • Mindkind says:

      Don't forget some of the good moves Cashman has made.He tried getting pitching help but found no match, there's nothing he can do if the other teams doesn't take his best offer. Kerry Wood was a great pickup. I agree on Contreras.

      • Dan S says:

        Don't get me wrong, I like Kerry Wood, I wasn't picking on him, but I think Cashman should have ponied up some cash and signed one of the available starters out there (like Halladay or Oswalt, such as Philly did) even if it was only a rental for the rest of the season. On another note, I hate to be the one to pee in everybody's kool-aid but the Yanks also need to get about the business of finding a closer. Mariano Rivera WAS the best closer in the game, but he's getting old and he's not the same Mo that he once was. 5 blown saves, 4 of them in September, and I'm just not breating that sigh of relief anymore when he takes the mound. In fact, I feel somewhat tense until it's over. Joba would have been a good closer had he not been ruined by Contreras. They should have been grooming him for that role from day 1. I realize it's harder for the Yankees to draft young talent, becuase when you finish first ypu draft last (kind of unfair but that's the way it is) but I see young guys around the game, like Aroldis Chapman with Cincinnatti and wonder why we can't get pitchers like that.

    • anibal says:

      Ithink that Girardi made a mistake by not taking out Hughes when he finish the 5th inning.He should have started with the 6th with another pitcher Petite or Sabathia. Girardi do not use bunts, hit and run expecially in game #4 and in other games in which he didn't make any kind of plays to see if runs could be achieved by advancing runners and putting them in scoring positions. To me he didn't use diferent strategies not even went to the pitcher to give them specials instructions on How to pitch to the hitter. He should watch the style of Herzog in Atlanta and the Giants Mgr.

  3. Mindkind says:

    You always have to go with your best and Pettite is better than Hughes. I would have went with CC,Pettite,Hughes,Burnett or back to CC. Girardi did make a lot of mistakes but he has managed the team to a World Series victory so we have to give him a pass. Managers learn just like players and I think Girardi will be better next year. If a change is made then I hope that Tony Pena gets the job.

  4. Dennis F says:

    Girardi made to many mistake this year. He wants to be everyone friend and not the coach. He did not use the bullpen to his advantage. Everyone was up for grabs to be used in the post season against the Rangers and Girardi did not take advantage of it. He keeps using the same people over and over again. Robertson is a good pitcher but he did not have it at all in the post season but Girardi keep using him. Where did it get him nowhere because the Rangers just keep scoring off of him. It also goes the same with Hughes. Hughes was struggling but Girardi switched him and Pettite…bad mistake. In the last game that Hughes pitched you can see he was not on his game and Girardi left him in and let him struggle longer than he should have. Then to make it worse he put Robertson in who messed up even more. Also Wood is a good pitcher but also had a lot of bad moment too. There are so many other pitchers in the bullpen Girardi could have used but he didn’t he played his favorite and it screwed him over. Girardi needs to go. He had his time and now it is gone.

  5. Now that we know that Pettitte was hurt in the playoffs, I do have to stick up for Girardi a little bit. Girardi probably was hoping he could save CC for game 7 with big question marks around Pettitte which explains why he didn't pitch in game 6.

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